Sunday, September 12, 2010

Matchy matchy

With two items cut out and ready to sew, but no time to actually hoist the machine onto the table and get stitching, I have been decidedly "antsy" as my transatlantic cousins might say!

But I have been buying fabric! I told you about my "Little Treasures" splurge, but hadn't shown you the goods.
So I reckon it's about time I told you what I plan to make with all this... stuff! Match up patterns and fabrics as if I had, you know, a plan.
We all know that what I really need are long-sleeved tops.

The Liberty Tana lawn from Little Treasures (centre , above)is going to be kitsched to the max, using this 1970's pattern.
The photo is a bit sun-bleached. It's more of a bottle-green background and will look ab fab with the Audrey in Unst cardi I just cast on. At last!

The crisp plum poplin is crying out to be Rockabillied-up into this 1950's blouse - I spotted the pattern on Etsy and then found it in the UK at Ebay ... and nobody else bothered to bid - woo hoo!

I am going to make the long-sleeved version with that cute little tie-neck. Not sure about the pockets.
On my training course on Friday, there was a bloke with a very interesting shirt. Just above the cuff, by the button band on the left sleeve only,there was a tiny embroidered swallow - a very unexpected detail on a man's shirt. I am thinking of copying it.

Which leaves the warm blackwatch brushed cotton. I love the colours in blackwatch and used to have a simple tartan shirt that I wore with my granny's jet beads. So maybe I will make something really plain... or else use the Rockabilly pattern again and give it a white collar...? But my daughter thinks that is a really weird idea.
I haven't forgotten that I have black cotton sateen to make a wiggle skirt, and navy drapey cotton to make some 1940's Evadress pattern trousers. I bought Burda 09/10 today and there is a very interesting straight skirt with curved panels at the front - I might try it out.

For the life of me, I have no idea when I am going to find the time to do all this sewing. If all else fails, the October school holidays are not that far away...

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