Thursday, September 16, 2010

SSS: Days 13, 14, 15

Oh wow - half-way through September already!

Day 13:

Challenges: Just another day at the office. Wayward fringe.
Attitude / Inspiration: "Yay! I like this 50's pattern blouse - let's add some sparkle-y jewellery!"

Self-Stitched: Green Bella trousers here; polka-dot blouse here; knickers here.

Gaps: This is my new Boden cardigan, as worn yesterday. I haven't mentioned the coat situation... my only home-made coat is very heavy felted wool. So I have been wearing a Redoute parka. We have lots of weather here!
Solutions: Can I be bothered making a raincoat? Nope. Despite there being a very smart trench-coat pattern in Burda 09/10. No - I don't fancy the Lady Grey sew-along, before you ask!
Conclusion: I don't know what I wore before I made my Bella trousers! Today I added a blue glass 50's-style brooch from Joules to the whole Bella / blouse / cardi thing I've got going on! Not that you can see it very well in that picture...
Day 14:

Challenges: Construction project Board meeting, several cobbled streets and a building site away...
Attitude / Inspiration: Let's wear the 1940's tea dress.

Tea dress from a 1940's pattern, blogged here
Black cotton jacket, blogged here
Knickers, as before

Gaps: Dare I say "none"?! Though an anti-static underskirt might have been a good idea.
Conclusion: The only thing I don't like about this dress is that it is so lightweight and "flippy", I can't tell if it has blown up in the wind. I wore these totally flat red shoes (from Red or Dead) because I knew I had to negotiate the cobbles of Old Aberdeen. But really they are too flat and I felt a bit clumsy and out-of-alignment.

Day 15:

Challenges: Autumn has truly arrived: wind and rain! A cross-departmental meeting, so needed to look like a grown-up.

Attitude / Inspiration: Autumn!

I made this skirt a long time ago. Blogged briefly here.
Black jacket, as yesterday
Knickers, as before

Gaps: Long-sleeved black top, raincoat, thermal vest! And although I can't make them... I need to mention the shoes... These are the shoe/boots I wore to my wedding to FL. I took them out of the box today to find they were covered in green and white mould - mmmm - stylish! And the toes are almost worn through at the points.

Solution: I applied my car windscreen-cleaning cloth to the mould, but there's not much I can do about the toes. Shoe repairs are SO expensive - have you noticed? It cost me £6.50 to get little bits of rubber glued onto the heels of my boots. Is this something I could learn to do myself?

Conclusion: Cobblers! I need another pair of winter shoes.


christinelaennec said...

I really like the skirt on Day 15. What kind of fabric is it made of?

I so much agree with you about shoe repairs. What's even worse is that more and more, shoes seem to be designed to be un-repairable, which frustrates me hugely. I've gone to the length of ordering a pair of hand-made shoes from England, which are not exactly flattering and stylish, BUT I can get them resoled when they've clocked up the miles. So do let me know if you take up cobbling!

Linda said...

You could always knit yourself a coat that's what I'm planning to do this year. I only have a short distance to walk between the car and the office and once I'm in the office I don't have to go out again until it's time to leave. I guess it'd not be too practical if you're out in the rain for any length of time.

Day 13 is quite a cheerful outfit and it's quite versatile. Day 15 is what I'd call a classic-style outfit and is very professional looking for the office but it's not an office you could wear on any other occasion unlike Day 13. Another good lengthed skirt.

Day 14 - you really need something in the neck area it's just too bare. Do you have any of the material left from the dress that you could make a short scarf you could tie around your neck? A chunky bead necklace would also do - just something to fill in that bare triangle. The jacket also looks too big for you with just a thin dress underneath and it looks so good on you on Day 15 when you had a heavier top on.

Would your Loppem cardigan go with dress?

Roobeedoo said...

Christine - The skirt is a herringbone wool from "british fabrics" on eeebaaay.

Linda - Yes that neckline is a bit bare - my necklace doesn't show up at all. Sadly Loppem had an accident in the washing machine and is no longer with us...!

didyoumakethat said...

I love the 'attitude/inspiration' comments, they make me laugh. Your new Boden cardigan is great. I know what you mean about really flat shoes, though if I wear anything with a heel I'm immediately hobbling cos of me bunions. (Bet you wanted to know that, didn't you?)

feresaknit said...

When the toes go through completely you're all set for summer! ;D