Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SSS: Days 20, 21, 22

Day 20:

Challenges: Monday morning. Woke late after watching Glorious 39 til midnight. (OMG - the wardrobe is sublime! The script is incidental.)
Attitude / Inspiration: Element of panic! Wanted to wear Pioneer but what with? Cowboy boots obviously, but what else?

Pioneer pullover, blogged here.
Refashioned White Stuff skirt, last seen here, before I made it fit!
Knickers, as before.
Gaps: Long-sleeved top. I had to add an extra layer of enormous Gap grey kimono cardi for warmth in the office (still no heating...)
Solutions: Admit it is autumn. Stop trying to wear your summer clothes!

Conclusion: It is getting too cold for cotton skirts. The white top is a bit stark and makes the skirt look grubby by contrast. But I like the shapes together.

Day 21:

Sorry about snooty expression!

Challenges: Once a year I have to help out at the public-facing side of my workplace... today is the day.

Attitude / inspiration: Listen, I am NOT your mother. I am a thwarted "Blue Peter" presenter... and at 1pm I am going back to hide in my cold dark office with a large mug of tea. STAMP! Now go and join that queue over there...

Red Birdie Clothkits skirt blogged here
Black cotton Japanese jacket blogged here
Knickers blogged here.

Gaps: Between my jacket hem and the top of my skirt. I almost lost my skirt getting out of the car this morning. Funny - it seemed OK last week! Thank goodness for that thermal vest.

Solutions: I need to take this skirt in at the waist (again!). I was going to wear my Clothkits Ruby skirt today, but forgot that it is 4 inches too wide at the waist. I could alter both in one sewing session, so why don't I? And Vivienne (Day 17) too!

Conclusion: It looks like I am not getting any fatter and I am hoping not to get thinner. And at least my eyebrows have grown back. But yeah, I need to make my skirts fit if I am going to be able to wear them.
Day 22:
Challenges: Quiet day in the office.
Attitude / Inspiration: Built around my new blouse. Gothic horror? (see below!)

Simplicity 2501 black blouse, blogged here
Japanese pattern skirt, briefly blogged here
Knickers, as before
Gaps: The jacket was from Oasis in about 2003 and used to have matching trousers. It picks out the caramel colour in the skirt's herringbone wool - more obvious in real life. Thermal vest!
Solutions: I am sewing a black capelet which should look fierce with this skirt and blouse! Especially with long lacy armwarmers.

Conclusion: The jacket is less fitted than I would prefer. I was asked if I had a job interview...!
Inspired by Glorious 39, I am going to buy a couple of belts to add waist definition to my "look" in general: one broad and black and the other narrow and caramel (you can't make me say "camel" - camel is what my mother wears!).
I am totally obsessing about the costumes of Glorious 39! A lot of what I learned concerned accessories: belts, scarves, hats, jewellery. Not just to look "vintage" but to generally pull an outfit together, make it cohesive. And colour... wow oh wow the costume designer (Annie Symons) knows about colour!
And the horror element?:
Today's jewellery got a bit confused.
I started with "jet" glass earrings (1928 from John Lewis), to go with the buttons on my blouse. Then I added the hairclip (fake cameo from TopShop)...
...and then at the last moment, when I put my jacket on, I realised there was something too stark about the neck area, so I added a rather creepy "mourning brooch" which FL bought me a few years ago.
It has a frame of garnets around a glass-fronted plait of human hair. FL didn't realise. He just saw it in an antique shop one Christmas Eve and liked the garnets. I am wearing a complete stranger's DNA and I don't feel entirely comfortable. Very Gothic?!


Scruffybadger said...

You definitely look autumnal - they are lovely outfits- elegant & professional. I like the quirkiness of the gothic lock of someone else's hair ...did anyone else notice or was it just your twisted secret that you had to bear the whole day?

didyoumakethat said...

I love your SSS - it's the entertaining and stimulating I've seen. It's been a great window on your outfits and attitude. Okay. I am going to HAVE to go and order some of that black fabric. It's gorgeous.

Roobeedoo said...

Scruffybadger: thanks for your kind comments! Nobody noticed the brooch - or if they did they were too horrified to mention it!

Karen: heh heh heh! Looking forward to seeing what you make woth it!

christinelaennec said...

I like all three of your outfits - and completely agree about the colour being caramel, and not camel!

The mourning brooch is so interesting. I wonder what its story was, that it should have ended up in an antiques shop when it obviously meant so much to the person who had it made. Perhaps you could think of wearing it as a kind of tribute to that unknown person and relationship - or is that too much like wearing a wee Tomb of the Unknown Soldier around all day?! I agree with FL that it's very pretty.

Sounds like I need to get a copy of Glorious 39!

Linda said...

Day 20 is a cheerful little outfit with character much like Day1. and I'm getting self conscious about posting day by day critiques so I'll just say shorter length jackets suit you better.

Susie Hemingway said...

It is all about going to work that makes you think of having all these wonderful outfits - well me it's mostly black leggings and jeans these days with a cheerful scarf or two. Your outfits are wonderful! and I particulary like the little 'spooky' brooch and it certainly suited. You are such a clever lady to have made so many lovely outfits. Still give me the chance to dress-up and I'm your gal! I'm maybe getting on a bit but I like nothing better than to still see what I can achieve - getting ready for a nice social occasion with G and T in hand! It's all such fun. Well done for being so organized for Autumn, wish I was.

feresaknit said...

I am so going to have to get a cloth kit? cloth kit kit? cloth kits kit? - well one of them.

Yay for eyebrows - I don't leave home without them! ;D