Sunday, September 26, 2010

SSS: Days 23,24,25,26

Nearly there!
Day 23
Challenges: Rain. The uncertain promise of heating in the office. Meeting with my immediate boss.

Attitude / Inspiration: Rockabilly rebel? (Indulge me, please!)

1950's polka-dot peekaboo blouse, blogged here
Blue Bella trousers, blogged here
Knickers, as usual.

Gaps: Boden boyfriend cardigan; thermal vest; Redoute parka - eek! Now you have seen the scruffiest coat in town! I bought it for dog-walking round the farm but it has become the thing I reach for every morning.

Solutions: I suppose I could buy an umbrella, and then I wouldn't feel the need to hoist the dog-coat on top of my respectable workwear!

Conclusion: I added a vintage bluebird brooch (from Herman Brown in Edinburgh) and a brass rose hairclip (TopShop) as tributes to tattoo imagery. I had this idea that they added a subliminal Rockabilly air to my outfit...?

Before I do the sums, I already know that Bella-pattern trousers have been the most-worn items in my self-stitched September wardrobe. The blue pair are a bit softer than the green, so I feel I have to work a bit harder to look work-smart. Time to make some more?

Day 24:

Spot the difference?!

Challenges: 9am meeting with boss. It was only 5 C when I got into my car this morning.
Attitude / inspiration: Sencha's last outing til Spring?

Green Bella trousers, here
Sencha Liberty print blouse, here
Shetland Lace Triangle shawl, here
Knickers, as before

Gaps: Thermal vest, cardigan, armwarmers, coat.
Solutions: I am pretty comfortable with this balance between home-made and shop-bought, as I know I am working towards addressing the gaps.
This is how I have looked most of this month, with slight variations.

Definitely heading into shawl-wearing weather. I am quite surprised to see this is just the second time I have worn a hand-knitted scarf this September. I might even be heading towards wearing hand-knitted socks to work... but this would cause shoe-fitting problems! I don't think my workplace is ready for me in my Doc Martens...
Days 25 and 26
Aestlight shawl, blogged here
Mad Budgie socks, blogged here
What can I say? Weekends and self-stitchery don't really work out for me...

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Scruffybadger said...

OOO how I admire your polka dot blouse too!