Sunday, September 05, 2010

SSS: Days Four and Five

Yay - it's the weekend! Boo - I have nothing to wear!

Paula asked me what I wore "at night" during SSS. I am not sure if she meant in bed or "after school", sorry "work". Either way, it a non-self-stitched wilderness.
Here lies the tumbleweed...

Days Four and Five:

Challenges: Extreme Housework, trip to optician with my daughter, dog-walking and ... sigh, at last!...knitting

Attitute / Inspiration: Well I would love to say Super Kawaii Mama. But I can't live up to her standards.
Blue Bella Trousers: blogged here
Lola apron: blogged here
Handknitted socks: Conwy pattern by Nancy Bush, ravelled here

The Gaps:
Knickers (all home-made in the wash, had to wear my "pattern"!)
Long-sleeved top (this one is at least organic cotton, by Seasalt)
Thermal vest (yes, really)
Casual jacket to wear in town

Make more knickers!
Make long-sleeved tops - you know this already
Cardigans might reduce need for thermal vest
I have a pattern to make an autumnal jacket

Well at least I wore some home-made trousers! These are quite a jean-like blue so passed the "out with teen girl and might be seen by a schoolmate" test. I have some organic denim in the stash but haven't got round to making deliberately casual weekend trousers.
I failed even more badly today (Sunday) when I ended up in my jeans to help gut out my son's room - he is off to Uni next week and I was determined he wasn't leaving me with his childhood mess to sort out! Just as well I made that apron...


didyoumakethat said...

I love the apron. SSS sounds like a challenge, but one you're enjoying. You have a son old enough to go to university?!

Lorna said...

With all this sewing perhaps you need these:

Roobeedoo said...

GASP! I want those shoes!!!
But they don't have my size...

feresaknit said...

I have a friend who could give Super Kawaii Mama a run for her money make up wise but maybe isn't as elegant. And yes of course I meant after work. ;D