Friday, September 03, 2010

SSS: Days Two and Three

Challenges?: Two days sitting at my desk trying to look intelligent.

Dress code: smart/casual, layered to allow for trips to the boss's office (lose the eccentric woolly bits) but still be warm at my desk

Day Two

Attitude / Inspiration: 2010 does 1970's: the miners' strike meets Carbon Management (i.e. no heating at work til October!)


Central Park Hoodie, blogged here
Flowery cotton skirt, blogged here
Andrea Shawl, blogged here
Knickers, blogged here

The Gaps: Long-sleeved top - I have yet to make any "neutral" tops with long sleeves.

The solutions: Um... pretty obvious really - I need to make long-sleeved tops!

I like the hippy / boho vibe of this outfit, but it wouldn't work on a day with formal meetings. The overall look is very very green, and I got some funny looks in the coffee shop. I've never worn this skirt with boots before and it looks a bit too long... but I like it.

Editor's Note:
The vintage cowboy boots were from the best Dress Agency in London, Dress For Less on St John St, EC1 (no website).
Please go there and spend lots of money, as I moved away 6 years ago and they must be struggling without my custom! Excellent source of Nicole Fahri business suits!

Day Three:

Attitude / Inspiration: I got up late with a streaming cold, headache and rash-ravaged face, and reached for a tried and tested outfit. It was either that or stay in bed.

Purple tie-neck blouse, blogged here
Aubergine wool trousers, blogged here
Knickers, blogged here

The Gaps?: Cardigan!
You will be sick of the sight of this one before the month is out. I could have worn the CPH again but I hoped it was going to be too warm and sunny.

Solutions: Knit a cardigan... mutter... mutter... mutter!

I wear this outfit a lot. I thought it made me look long and lean, but this photo suggests short and dumpy, which was a bit of a shock! I need to get up earlier to iron the ties on the blouse.
The brass cuff adds a touch of quirkiness which I cannot do without, especially if I am feeling a bit under the weather.


feresaknit said...

I love the skirt material - and I love the top look overall - that cardy was the first thing I saw on your blog!

Day 3 pic prompted - that's homemade until I read the cardy wasn't!

christinelaennec said...

I think your cold on Day 3 must have affected your vision, as you definitely do not look short and dumpy!

I'm very impressed by your outfits - and by the fact that you made your knickers as well. Everyone in the world can make cardigans, but Liberty knickers?!

didyoumakethat said...

I love your SSS blog posts. They are really entertaining! And ooh, I've just been thinking about knitting a hooded cardigan as I'm desperate for something really different after my lace shawl. It's really nice to see your work outfits, as we don't normally see those in your blog posts, do we? Have a great weekend!

Linda aka Loobylou said...

I absolutely love the top outfit - great styling and it really suits you.
I think the cardigan is wrong in the 2nd outfit I don't think you should button it all the way down it's restricting the fabric of the trousers from flowing. I think a wide-legged trouser looks better with a shorter cardigan that hits just below the waistline or a floaty cardigan or a short waistcoat would look good.

Sorry, you're probably not expecting a critique of your outfits

Roobeedoo said...

Keep it coming, keep it coming! All critiques gratefully received. How often do you get the chance to receive objective appraisals of your everyday "look"? Thanks everyone!