Thursday, September 30, 2010

SSS: Over and Out (days 27 to 30)

Self-stitched September: the final countdown...

Day 27:
Self-stitched: Mulled Wine socks. That's all.
Seriously?! Yes - I had a day off and spent it sewing, knitting and dog-walking. What I wore was not important to me. The rest was shop-bought, knickers and all.
Day 28:
Challenges: FL's hospital appointment in super-heated ARI, then back to ice-box office. Too dark for a photo this morning so had to have a self-timer experiment at my desk at lunchtime - eek!
Attitude / Inspiration: Layer it up, peel it off, layer it up again. In autumnal palette!
Aubergine wool New Look 6190 trousers, blogged here
Purple dobby dot blouse, blogged here
Aestlight shawl, blogged here
Knickers, blogged here
Thermal vest, cardigan: the usual!
Solutions: I am 25% up my Audrey in Unst cardigan - woo hoo! But will it be warm enough...?!
Conclusion: Even if this was not SSS, I would probably have worn this outfit today, which says a lot about how SSS has led me to a deeper acceptance of my self-stitched wardrobe. I am a stitcher... and proud of it!

Day 29:
Challenges: Cold, dark, rainy. Still no heating. Not even enough daylight in the morning for a photo. SAD!
Inspiration / Attitude: As grey as the weather!
Charcoal wool trousers, New Look 6190, blogged here
Ishbel shawl, blogged here
Knickers, as before
Gaps: Thermal vest, long-sleeved t, cardigan, armwarmers, extra-long socks, coat
Solutions: I just kept adding layers today . Even the thermal vest had long sleeves! I don't think I could have kept warm in self-stitched clothes alone - not without a major attack of sewing and knitting fever!
Conclusion: I am not sure that these trousers survived their dip in the washing machine before they went away for the summer - they are looking a bit wrinkley and may have to be retired. Ishbel always surprises me. She looks so drab lying in the drawer, yet once I am wearing her she seems to be full of subtle storm greys and blues - and is wonderfully cosy!
Day 30:
Challenges: Last day of SSS and coffee date with another knitter (woo hoo!)
Attitude / Inspiration:I was so warm and comfortable yesterday that I wore exactly the same again - but with fresh knickers, honest mum!
Self-stitched: As Day 29
Gaps: As Day 29
Solutions: As Day 29
As inspiring as it has been, SSS is now over and out and all I want (for Christmas?!) is warm clothing! I was getting so cold towards the end of last week that I was in actual physical pain with the Raynaud's in my fingers.
When I made the discovery that a long-sleeved thermal vest, a long-sleeved t shirt, a cardigan and a shawl could actually make it comfortable enough to sit at my desk without clutching a mug of hot tea in my claw-like, white-fingered hands, vanity went right out of the window!


Scruffybadger said...

I love your colours - the greys & blues, but especially the aubergine with blue & that amazing shawl (all your shawls in fact!) You know I need to learn to knit now!

Where the nodding violets grow said...

I have really enjoyed following your SSS. Thank you for sharing it.

christinelaennec said...

Yes, beautiful colours! I love both the shawls - hadn't seen Aestlight before.

Congratulations on a whole month of (mostly) self-stitched garments! I have great admiration and take my (self-stitched) hat off to you. I'm also looking forward to some posts with you looking WARM this winter!

feresaknit said...

Is that a sign of age that your fashion preference is warm?!?!?!

I too am being troubled with Raynauds. I used to get it occasionally but it's now more apparent even in the house! And it happens not when its REALLY cold but just cold!