Monday, September 06, 2010

Warning: Enabling Post!

It's been a crazy few weeks here. I have had no time to sew, and am feeling quite overwhelmed by the ideas buzzing round my head, and all the new fabrics / patterns / wool I have either bought or put on the Wish List!
So I thought I would "share", cos that's the kind of person I am :o)
New in at Sewbox: Liberty jersey, organic jersey, Liberty silk and some amazing Alexander Henry prints on a super-silky tana-lawn-like base fabric - ooooh!

I am SO tempted to make a silk Sencha, or that bow-neck blouse from Burda Feb 2008.

This is "January" paisley silk - mmmm!

They have several of these deep, dark, mysterious autumnal prints - not at all the "usual" ditsy florals.
I really like the midnight-blue jersey called "November": it would make a fab long-sleeved top.

In the world of Knit, I pre-ordered "Brave New Knits" by Julie Turjoman.
Strangely, the designers featured in this amazing book don't seem to be trumpeting about it yet. It is one of those books that I just had to have, immediately. And knit everything in it... yesterday!
26 patterns by the "best" knitting bloggers, with supporting interviews by Julie Turjoman, and photos by Jared Flood!

I will be knitting the socks on the front cover
using a mix of variegated and plain green sock wools from Lidl, bought with the weekly grocery shop on Friday (I blame Kate!).
But there's also a beautiful lace shawl by Ysolda, a sculptural cabled jacket, Krookus, by Mari (who designed Sylvie, coat of my dreams), an Origami shawl / cardigan by Melissa Wehrle, a simple shawlette by Jared Flood (pattern free here!). Actually, I just discovered lots of pictures on Jared's blog here. Don't you just want to give up work and spend a year knitting your way through this book... or is that just me?


Siga said...

Yeah, I've already seen so many great pictures out of this book that I'm going to purchase it as well. :)

mooncalf said...

Oh no, I can't be tempted. All my money went on my sewing machines

- puts fingers in ears -

Kate said...

But you have to admit, it's the bargain basement sort of enabling, which hurts no one. ;-)

Sandy said...

la la la - can't hear you... all it takes is a drop in the temperature, some rain (which we have today) and I am perusing fabric stores and thinking "what size needle?" You temptress, you!

Pennie said...

When I saw the photos from the photoshoot on Brooklyn Tweed i knew I wanted to make absolutely everything in the book...I have to confess though that after a year I still only have the woodsmoke scarf completed due to other things getting in the way :-(