Friday, September 17, 2010

Wind and Hot Air

We are having equinox-related gales. As a result, the disused cat-flap was blown permanently parallel to the ground and our hallway was a wind-tunnel. Duct tape has been deployed, but now the dog has a headache as he liked to shout at the neighbour's puppy through the flap and smacked his unsuspecting noddle off the door...!

Meantime, all my talk of sewing has been hot air. I have a blouse and a capelet cut and ready to sew, and plan to get at least one of these garments completed this weekend.
I pre-washed my Little Treasures fabrics and hung them on the washing line... and almost lost the blackwatch, which started to shred in the wind - oops!
However, I have done some knitting. I finally cast on my Audrey in Unst cardigan using the dark green Albayarns shetland fingering. I have decided I don't like working twisted rib: "purl through the back loop"? Err - no thanks! But it's too late now: 18 rows done, 18 to go. Deeply unphotogenic.
While knitting, I am reading "Brave New Knits" (from The Book Depository, since Amazon failed to pre-order for its pre-orders!) and am absolutely itching to cast on: two pairs of socks, a cardigan, a jacket and a shawl.

Which must be why I printed off Yarnissima's new armwarmer pattern "Fiore Di Notte".

This is Yarnissima's photo

I am going to use one of my Knit Love Club yarns for this project, the deep purple Spirit Trail Fiberworks merino / cashmere / silk mix intended for the Caretta Caretta sock pattern.
This is my first Christmas knitting project of the year - eek!

And the yarn photo is from the dye-er's website.


christinelaennec said...

Oh now this is very exciting: the other kind of self-stitching! The armwarmers are gorgeous.

I'm curious to know how you'll wear the capelet, in our windy part of the world. I knitted Emily Johnston's Antonia capelet this summer and then found it rather difficult to wear. I wore it a few times over summer tops but felt as if I was doing a bad Batman impersonation. I've worn it most often as a kind of collar over a knitted jacket.

However, that pattern calls for purling through back of loops, and I thought the twisted rib was really beautiful. So perhaps it will turn out to be less photogenic than you think at the moment?

Linda said...

Mutts can be so stupid sometimes.

Nice colour of yarn - it'll look good as armwarmers. Lucky person whose going to get them for Christmas

bagqueen said...

Hi I love the mustard skirt with that ricrac trim! Not frumptastic at all, I think its the shoes (which are lovely) in original post it looked different with patent wedges! Just an observation but hey I always aspire to look as good as you! so please don't take it to heart.

feresaknit said...

Liking the arm warmers - can't wait to see those done!

Poor doggie!