Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The seasonal purging of my wardrobe has led to some disfunctional dressing: dis-dressing, if you will.

I have found myself layering up too-thin tops with too-long cardigans over baggy-kneed trousers, with the only saving grace that I could still feel my fingertips while sitting at my PC. After September's devotion to self-stitched style, it has led to a terrible deflation of my self-esteem - tsk!

It comes back to my mistaken devotion to colour to the detriment of proportion. For example, I thought I had devised a perfect staple work outfit: my Rockabilly plum shirt, charcoal wool trousers and a new plum and grey striped v-neck "Boyfriend" jumper from GAP (£14 bargain). The colours are exactly right. But the shapes? All wrong:
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  • The shirt is too big for me and rides up, popping out of the waistband of the trousers and causing the collar to rub my ear-lobes. Ugh! Constantly having to tuck in my shirt-tail is none too elegant.

  • The grey wool trousers have gone baggy at the knees and are too big at the waist and require a belt to hold them up, so have a pleat of excess fabric which has to be distributed somewhere around my waist.

  • The Boyfriend jumper is almost long enough to be a mini-dress and narrows at the hem, so makes my legs look stumpy and emphasises the baggy trouser knees. And the puffy crisp cotton shirt sticks to it and makes me look like a stuffed toy.
So the "perfect" new outfit is a very unhappy heap of compromise.

In the interests of honesty, I have to say it is not ALL gloom and doom and I was very happy with my pencil skirt / polo neck combination of yesterday: sleek, narrow, and slightly flirtatious! SSS day 15, with granny's jet beads thrown in for good measure!
But I need to do the obvious and try things on together in advance. Not at 8am when I need to be out of the door at 8.05!
Meantime, an emergency internet shopping trip may be in order, to tide me over while I catch up on my sewing and knitting plans. Please don't point out the obvious flaw in this plan: I can't try things on together until they all arrive so I may be heading for another mess of pottage!

In knitting news: I have knitted both sleeve tops of Audrey-in-Unst, so "all" that remains is the sleeves themselves and the front bands. I am loving the authentic feel of the shetland lambswool, but it has taken a while for me to realise I am knitting a whole garment out of fingering-weight wool, so it was never going to be quick work!
In sewing news: My blackwatch brushed cotton blouse is underway. I have machined all the darts: that's ten darts! I am intrigued by the dart at the elbow of the 3/4-length sleeves: most cool! The long-sleeved version has two sleeve darts for extra shape. Not a detail I have ever seen in a modern pattern.

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christinelaennec said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling dis-dressed! It's so true, what you say about what we focus on and what we ignore - and not just regarding clothes. But then, since it's true for everyone else as well -- i.e. people focus on some things and not others -- isn't that some comfort?

I'll never forget when I was staying in France once, at the age of about 18, and I skipped out the front door in a summer dress to go down to the bakery just below. At the same moment a Parisienne dressed to the nines came out onto the landing. She looked me up and down and said, "Vous sortez comme ├ža?!!" - You're going out in that? I might have said the same back to her, but just scurried off. I thought it was so funny that my appearance should cause her so much dis-dress!