Wednesday, October 06, 2010

FO: Rockabilly Plum Shirt

Two weekends ago I returned to the sewing queue: plum cotton and a very fragile vintage blouse pattern. I blamed the postman when it arrived in a battered state, but even now the pattern envelope is self-destructing before my eyes.

I re-traced the body and sleeve pieces as I realised the tissue would not survive pinning. I am pleased to say the instruction sheet is fairly robust - I needed it!

Working on this shirt required me to change gear and accept that this is a vintage design, not designed for speed-sewing.

There were so many construction details to be processed: multiple darts, gathering, collar, cuffs, sleeve vents, button tab. The "secret" under-cuff embroidery I felt compelled to add.

That crisp poplin shows every pucker. I regret that the faced sleeve vents are a mess of fudgery and iron-shine. Luckily, they are downward-facing.

I could so easily have become disheartened. I accept that knitting is a long-drawn-out adventure, but with sewing, I always expect to see results within a couple of days. Not possible with this project!

Was it worth it? I’m not sure. I think the style would have looked sharper with a contrasting collar and cuffs, perhaps a diagonal stripe?
It’s not that I wanted to create a museum-quality reproduction of a 1950’s blouse, but that it started to lose its identity. The pattern envelope screams “Rockabilly!” but this might be… just a blouse.
Perhaps it needs to be more fitted at the bust.
Or maybe I should have added the pockets.

However, it is perfectly wearable. And I will wear it. I just won't rush to make another. Although I have seen some crisp turquoise cotton that fits my palette...

Simplicity 3427 from 1950

I bought 2 metres of plum cotton poplin for £8 total from Little Shop of Treasures at eeebaaay and have about 50cm left. It was ridiculously cheap for such a high-quality fabric.

Purple buttons from eeebaaay: 30 for 99p (Similar to those seen in John Lewis for 20p each!)


Toria said...

I love that colour but have an incredibly stoopid question, what's cotton poplin? How does it differ from normal cotton?

Think you've done a fab job, but I think you're right, it looks like it might need to be a little more fitted at the bust. And I adore the embroidery!

didyoumakethat said...

You are the queen of ebay! I think the blouse looks fabulous, even if it was a slightly frustrating make.

Toria said...

Thanks for the comment back on my blog, that's another thing to be added to the list of new information to be assimilated! This is a bit like tag, isn't it? ;)

Linda said...

I like it. It will go well with your bella trousers.

christinelaennec said...

I think it's really nice. I love the detailing at the neck and cuffs, and colour is beautiful. And it's a long-sleeved blouse for the autumn, which is what you were wanting.

I think you might be suffering from aftermath of a traumatic construction - soon the bad memories will fade away, and you'll just be left with the blouse!

Kate said...

I love this - I know it is a rockabilly shirt, but the shape is very of the moment as well somehow, and the tattoo detail is just fab.

Scruffybadger said...

Whilst I agree with Toria that a mini bit more fitting may sharpen the silhouette like the pattern, it's such a great blouse. I love the details - those cuffs (with the secret), the undercollar buttoned tab & the colour is beautiful. Looking at the pattern I could also imagine it with a jaunty scarf tied at the neck???!!