Friday, October 15, 2010

FO: "This ain't Brighton, Hero" Tunic

With apologies to Ms Garland and her ruby slippers: "this ain't Kansas... but it sure ain't Brighton either!"

I considered a trip to an off-season Aberdeen Esplanade (aka the "Fun Beach"!) for these photos but there were several reasons why not: fog, rain, wind... general North East coastal weather really! So you will have to make do with inland October scenery.
I finished my 1970's tunic. Inspired by Ms Scruffy Badger, and her Brighton Rocks dress, this was a piece of childish madness which just had to happen. Why? I have absolutely no idea. I have only ever been to Brighton once in my life, while my daughter was still in nappies. I remember thinking it was a cool, funky, veggie-friendly sort of place. Absolutely nothing like where I live now - ah well!

Style 4002 from 1972, size 10. Ah... that will be the problem, right there - a 1970's size 10 is several inches slimmer than a 2010 size 10!

I bought the fabric at Ebay, but they also have it at Fancy Moon, and I think it is about time I directed your attention to this purveyor of wild and lovely cotton prints! This was described as "sheeting" and it is definitely less crisp than a quilting cotton. It would make lovely pillowcases!

I used some yellow and white polka-dot bias binding on the inside of the hem - unseen, but it amuses me to know it is there.

I also needed a 50cm zip and after discovering that John Lewis wanted me to take out a second mortgage, I ended up back at Ebay for this too.

So... how was the sewing experience?

Fine. I just dived straight in - no measuring or muslin-ing. I was feeling fearless and devil-may-care. Shrug. It happens sometimes.

So apart from only having one pocket instead of two, this is View 2, cut to the length of View 3. It has raglan sleeves, with a dart at the shoulder; central front zip; patch pocket(s); short sleeves with turn-ups; and curved side and back seams.

If I was to make it again, I would make it about an inch larger through the body.
To some extent, I got away with it... but the first time I tried it on, over jeans, I thought I had messed up. It is a very close fit over the bum. Not surprising when I checked the pattern envelope and realised it was supposed to be for a 34 1/2 inch hip. Ha! I haven't been that size... ever!

So out came the leggings, with a degree of trepidation. I bought them a couple of weeks ago but hadn't tried them on for fear of the knees.

Well, it is definitely not for wearing to work! But that's allowed, as I was complaining about not having anything self-stitched to wear at the weekend.
Would I wear it to go shopping in town? Err... probably not. I am viewing it as a "house dress" I suppose. Something fun to wear while pottering about the farm. In the summer.


Toria said...

Love it! You get away with the smaller size, I can't tell, it looks fab on you.

Whimsical clothing is much better than boring work clothes ... maybe that's what I need to do to get my sewing mojo back!

didyoumakethat said...

I love it with the black top and ... are those leggings, Ruth?!!! You look great. Perfect dress for smooching around in.

christinelaennec said...

Very fun and you look great. I especially admire your toned knees - you must have done a lot of work on them in the last 18 years?! ;-)

Scruffybadger said...

I think you have done Brighton proud! I love the whole zip up thing that's going on.
Great leggings wear too - it's a thing even my Mum (ahh, sweet!) is struggling with - the warmth & comfort of leggings coupled with the need to keep the distance from teenage "style"...

By the way, I think we need to start a "this is not for work" sewing revolution.

Minnado said...

I like it very much and like the idea of the yellow polka dot bindng even if I cannot see it. That kind of detail makes me smile too. The leggings look good - I have a baggy knee problem with mine. And, I hope things are going to improve for your daughter. I am still at primary school stage with my son and secondary seems so scary.

bagqueen said...

You look great and I think you could wear it away from the house, probably not work as your work clothes do seem to be smart, and this is definitely casual. Be brave wear it out!!

RooKnits said...

I absolutely love it, it looks amazing! Love the leggings - a definite winner.

jessica said...

I wouldn't write it off as a don't-wear-outside-the-house dress just yet! I like it the way you've styled it. You could wrap on a scarf and longish sweater and look perfectly seasonable for Fall ;-).

Roobeedoo said...

Thanks everyone! I can't believe I was able to go outside in this get-up only a week ago - it's winter so suddenly!

Zoe said...

Sooooo cute! xxx