Sunday, October 03, 2010

A Weekend of Fun-gi

Exhibit A: FL and his Great Big Enormous Mushroom.
But is it a Miller, clitopilus prunulus (edible) or a
clitocybe dealbata (deadly poisonous)?
FL is collecting a spore print to check. Pink for edible, white for deadly. Fabulous! I won't be eating it either way!
Meantime, I spent Saturday having a cleaning frenzy after discovering that the bookcase was covered in green mould.

Ah - that's better! Cleanliness is resumed.
But it meant my sewing time was severely curtailed.
And the Brighton Pavilions tunic plan ground to a halt when John Lewis wanted to charge me £5 for a zip. Seriously!
So while I wait for eeebaaay to deliver, I have been working on another vintage blouse.
I am using the plum poplin from Little Shop of Treasures, which is pleasingly crisp, but having a very tight weave it demands the use of sharp new pins and needles.
I am pleased with how it is going, but it is a very time-consuming design, with a vented fold-back cuff and buttoned tab at the collar.
I will leave you with a sneak peek of my cuff embroidery.
It will be hidden from view in the finished garment, so has provoked puzzlement from the family. Why am I bothering? A difficult question to answer... I suppose I am thinking of it as a tattoo. I copied the rose from a Valentine's card I made for FL a few years ago.
I ran out of daylight today so the blouse is unfinished - hopefully I will get it done later this week.


christinelaennec said...

Your fireplace looks so inviting and fresh - and to make a bad pun, neat as a pin!

I completely understand why you are embroidering your rose on the inside of your cuff. Because you know it will be there, and it will make you happy! Elizabeth Zimmerman suggests knitting names or messages into hems - I think it's the same satisfying secret.

Scruffybadger said...

Yes- a rose tattoo! I like the idea of secret messages ... but I think I'd do machine embroidery & that would definitely cheapen it!
What's with this cleaning malarkey at weekends? I too forsook (if that's a word) sewing to cleanse my sewing room, & am now fidgety for fabric.
PS I'd love to see a picture of Stinky-Mac-Poo-Pants?