Thursday, October 28, 2010

Winter Inventory

Self-Stitched September hit me deeper than I thought. A month of avoiding ready-made clothing was long enough to cause me severe guilt pangs every time I reach for something that I didn't make myself.

In the interests of personal sanity, I decided to work out what I have left if I subtract "summer" clothes and "shop bought" from my wardrobe... and it looks like this:

Trousers: 4?
three pairs not warm enough unless I wear leggings or tights underneath (ugh!)
one pair charcoal grey wool...with baggy knees

So actually...NONE!

Skirts: 3
Two tweedy and one babycord

Long-sleeved tops: 1
Plum Rockabilly blouse (too big!)

Cardigans: 2
Central Park Hoodie

Jumpers: 1
Pioneer - short-sleeved so borderline useless in winter

Coat: 1
Yay! My felted wool coat with brocade lining - love it!

Shawls and scarves: 7
Hooray! No shortage of neckwarmth!

But... OMG! No wonder I have been tying myself in knots every morning trying to get dressed for work!

1 comment:

feresaknit said...

Ohhh, Manon is very interesting looking! You could always sew some shawls and scarves together to make a cardigan! ;D