Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1950's twin set pattern

Oh dearie me - sometimes I wish I could forget my paypal password when I am feeling a bit... emotional... because this is the time when I am most likely to go internet shopping!

So... having waved goodbye to my Girl for anything from a few days to a few weeks, depending on what she decides, I paid a short visit to eeebaaay and snapped up this beauty! The work of about 4 seconds!

I mentioned my recent purchase of 3 metres of wool jersey? It was destined to become a "twin-set", so when I spotted this pattern I just knew I had to buy it!

I will have to size it up by an inch or so, but that sounds do-able.

Ooh - it will be fabulous with my Rockabilly skirt!
They call that a "jewellery neckline" as there is a flat area to display your pearls upon (!) before reaching the pleats. I am thinking of having a back zip instead of buttons on the under-sweater.


mooncalf said...

ha ha! Snap!

After a long draining day at work yesterday I lost my stashdown willpower in Ysolda's holiday shop. 60 days of not buying yarn and then - splurge...

Roisin Muldoon said...

Adorable! I don't think you can be too hard on yourself for snapping this up. Logic being:

1. You have wanted it for ages. You'd be a FOOL not to. Also, you'd run the risk of angering the fates that put it in your way. Don't do that.

2. You already have the fabric. Cost neutral.

3. Honey, you deserve a little treat.