Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let There be Hats!

Medici (Rav link) is proving to be a quick knit and I think it will look really cute - perfect for my mother's short hair. I just have to hope she doesn't go back to her granny perm for the festive season - it looks much better straight, mum!

I am hoping to move straight on to an Aeonium (Rav link) from the same Woolly Wormhead book, again in Cashsoft Aran but this time in pistachio green for a friend.

By then, my Reggae Ombre order should have arrived. I want to knit FL a Rainbow Warrior (Rav link). He loves his Centuria, but I think the colour is a bit dull... hee hee hee! I have been looking for an excuse to buy some Reggae Ombre as it is so very very soft and the colours really zing!

But the hat I am most excited about is not a present... unless I say it is a present to myself! I am absolutely wriggling on my chair in anticipation at knitting / wearing Norie.

Norie hat, photo copyright Jared Flood, from The Shetland Trader Book One. Yes - that is Ysolda modelling it.

My birthday present to myself this year is the Shetland Trader Book One (Rav link) and yesterday my e-book arrived - squeeeeeee! (Don't you just loathe that expression? But nevertheless: "squeeeeeee!"). Shalder will be knitted as soon as I get Audrey off my needles. But Audrey will have to wait because I want to knit hats... and I want a Norie!


Where the nodding violets grow said...

I know. I squeeeeeed too when the ebook arrived and I loathe the expression. I think it was compulsory I love the Norie hat. It looks really good.

feresaknit said...

Love the colours - that may improve reception a lot! I went over to Ysolda's blog - some of those pics looked quite Leith-y! :D

feresaknit said...

Like 10 minutes later it registered I'd read 'my birthday present to myself' - and in case you don't say when (I quickly checked last year's November and there was no post that said Happy Birthday me) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! xx