Sunday, December 12, 2010

FO: Rockabilly Rose Skirt

It's not looking particularly "rockabilly", but here at last is my Rockabilly Rose skirt.

This should have been a speedy project, but I fiddled about trying to add a couple of inches to the waist and messed up the construction in the process.

Today, I unpicked the oversized front yokes and recut to the original pattern piece sizes. And it fits!

I had to shorten it by about 7 inches to avoid frumpiness.

You can hardly see them in these photos, but there are three buttons on the top pocket edges. Ideally, I would have used something vintage but I didn't have anything suitable to hand, and these slightly grainy matt black plastic numbers went well with the velvet roses.


Simplicity 3983 from 1952, purchased at Etsy.

One metre of grey herringbone fabric with embossed velvet roses, £2.75 from Walthamstow market, with enormous thanks to Karen!

Six buttons of un-remembered origin, possibly also from E17.

Construction notes:

A simple, back-zipped skirt with inset front yokes and curved pockets.

I stitched the buttons through all the layers to prevent the pocket tops from sagging, which makes them only semi-functional, but looked better.

My favourite feature is the grosgrain ribbon which lines the waistband. This was suggested within the pattern instructions and it really works! There's no faffing about with dodgy Vilene, just the simple clean crispness of the firm braid on the inside, encasing the raw edges of the main fabric.

Would I make it again?
Now that I know that I can make the pattern fit, I will definitely return to it again. It was enough to increase the centre front and back seam edges... and a mistake to attempt to widen the front yokes as it threw the pockets out of alignment.

This skirt has the potential to become a "work staple". It is simple, but the fabric has an interesting texture and I like the button trim. I reckon it looks quite expensive, which is pretty good going for £2.75!


faeriecollege said...

You are impossibly fab. Love it!

didyoumakethat said...

That grosgrain ribbon is inspired! I'm about to make a skirt with no waistband and something like that would be perfect. Really glad to see you've put the fabric to good use. I'm afraid I had no luck at all with mine. Wonderful make!

Lorna said...

I love the fabric and I think it looks very expensive indeed. A definite favourite I think. I would probably wear it for work and evenings out with a change of top and accesories. A top the colour of the ribbon in the waistband and matching shoes, or of course your Irregular choice shoes and a red satin blouse.

tea and cake said...

Wow, this looks lovely! The fabric's special for work, very smart and elegant.

Sarah said...

I love it! It looks fantastic on you !:)

mooncalf said...

Niiiice! Looks absolutely perfect for work.

And the price you made it for is unbelievable.

I think one of my New Year resolutions is going to have to be sewing something to wear.

christinelaennec said...

That is a beautiful skirt, inside and out, and suits you to a t. You make it all look so easy as well! It's much better quality than almost anything you would buy in a shop these days.

Karie B. said...

That looks really lovely!

daisydonut said...

It looks smashing on you and I love the blue grosgrain ribbon. What width is the ribbon you used as I think I shall try this technique on my pencil skirt? I don't like wool against my skin - prickly and scratchy.

Roobeedoo said...

Aw, thanks everyone!
Daisydonut - the grosgrain ribbon is about 4cm wide. The description on eeebaaay was that it was "hat ribbon". You could also search for "petersham" which is the same thing.

Minnado said...

The skirt looks fab - a really good fit too. The ribbon is a lovely touch, makes it look very posh inside. I have to say "eeeek" at you chewed wires in the previous post. A big fat mouser cat could be a good idea.

Susie Hemingway said...

Love this skirt! Excellent choice of fabric and design, Would work well for both work and evening wear.