Friday, December 17, 2010

Here We Go Again

More snow.

FL fell on the farm track last night after failing to get up the road with the car. Miraculously, we don't think he broke any bones but it gave him a fright. And me!

So I am working at home today.

School closed again.

At least it's Friday.

My second attempt at a rainbow-striped ear-flapped hat is going well, with a much denser texture which won't need felting (ha!).

It is the Centuria pattern by Woolly Wormhead, again using Reggae Ombre yarn. I just hope I have enough!

The weekend ahead looks set to be house-bound, with occasional dog-walking duties.

I suppose we ought to start thinking seriously about Christmas - although I don't think my mother will brave the journey in these conditions. We would have to sledge her up the track!

But The Boy should make it here from Dundee - I hope!


Lorna said...

The weather looks so sweet when it's on a Christmas card but it's a real pain when it stops "life". It has certainly meant we don't have a bath, the one we want comes from Falkirk!

Will you manage to get to FL's hospital appointment next week? (Yes I'm a worry wart, makes a change from thinking about Mike's hospital!)

feresaknit said...

Awww, no felting! :(

I slipped this morning walking Bud but managed to stay on my feet - it must be a bit of a shocker to actually fall!

Although Bud didn't seem too bothered - he turned round to see what the fuss was about and fell flat but literally bounced back up! After checking no-one else had seen of course! :D

Kate said...

The hat colours are amazing. :-D

Snow has fallen here again, but really just a piffling amount compared to a couple of weeks ago. School has finished for the term, at least.

Take care on the roads!

christinelaennec said...

(Apologies if an earlier version of this comment did indeed arrive with you--) I was really sorry to hear about FL's fall. Scary for both of you. I hope he's not badly hurt. Your rainbow hat mark 2 looks beautiful!

Sandy said...

It doesn't snow in Colombia, SA, but I managed to find a bit of slippery moss on some rocky path and slipped in just the same way I've done on ice in New England. I'm not pleased to report that six small children, mostly boys, saw my Big Skid and howled with laughter at the Gringa going down.
However, I was mildly pleased when one of them, still howling as he approached me, immediately joined me on the ground. This was cause for great hilarity amongst all of them, and a big fellow came along and helped me up, asking all the while in Spanish if I was all right. At least I'm guessing that was his question. He did not try to brush off my tush which, it turns out, was covered in leaves and dislodged moss. And I am, except for being the talk of this small town, mildly embarrassed but unhurt.

Scruffybadger said...

It seems to be a theme - rainbow + snow. Is there a connection? Does the snow cause rainbow knitting, or vice versa?
Hope you don't get too blocked in for too long this time!

Kestrel said...

This hat looks lovely so far! I think the knit stitch looks great with that wool.