Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Knits in Progress

Audrey-in-Unst is looking almost achievable these days. She just needs a second sleeve and a neck / front band and she will be a cardigan. Imagine that!

But I have been so engrossed in the texture of the Paul Atwell sock that poor Audrey hasn't had a look in.

This is called "gull and seed stitch", which seems particularly suitable for FL, as his middle name (Gow) means "gull", and he used to be a farmer (among other things).

I am impressed by the quality of this Lidl "Cesana" sock yarn. It is softer than Opal, definitely comparable to Regia sock yarn, and it was ridiculously cheap at £3.99 for 200g - that's enough for two pairs of short men's socks. (As opposed to men's short socks...?!)

Speaking of grammatical errors, my reference yesterday to "footballer's wives" was a mistake... but the more I think of it, I like the insinuation that the teenaged girls of the 'shire are being brought up all to marry one footballer. It sums up my feelings rather well.

And here is my current sewing project: the 1950's twinset.

The first photo gives the best representation of the colour of the wool jersey. There were 19 tailor's tacks to make on the front of the "blouse"

I have, of course, run out of thread with the blouse half-stitched - grrr! So I hadn't thought it through...

I am also waiting for 5 metres of bias binding to arrive in the post. I decided to splash out and order Liberty-print binding, as part of my plan to aim for quality rather than quantity in my future wardrobe.

If I am spending all these hours sewing my own clothes, I reckon I ought to ensure they are made to last. I have learned it is a false economy to buy cheap bias binding: my poor Lola apron is suffering the consequences of bleeding dye from both red and green trims :(

Here is the back of the sofa modelling my top-to-be.

I think next year's essential purchase will be a tailor's dummy / dress-form, whatever you like to call it.

And a stable ironing-board.

I hesitate to write this down in case you hold me to it... but I am thinking of giving up shop-bought clothes altogether. I think the time has come.


didyoumakethat said...

Yes, I want to buy a dress form, too. Bleeding bias - how bleeding annoying.

Scruffybadger said...

Beautiful woollens! And I'm with you on the sentiments for not buying ready made "ever again"! (But maybe second hand ...) I too have been looking at dummies for - however long- on ebay without being able to commit...
I can't imagine being lucky enough to stumble across one that is being offered at an irrististible price!

C said...

I applaud your "thinking of giving up shop-bought clothes". I too would like to do this, but instead of sewing, I've just quit buying and somehow I don't think that will keep me clothed. Have only made a pair of sleep pants this past year. But you are an inspiration, so maybe....

Lorna said...

You'll have to forgive me as I'm going through a period of writers block when it comes to other peoples blogs. Love the colours of your knits and think the blouse really suits your sofa. Congrats on the wedding anniversary. x x

feresaknit said...

Go Audrey! Yayyyyyyy!

Do love that sock.

Not surprisingly I didn't notice the grammar faux paux and if I had would probably have thought that footballers are a bit sparse on the ground up there and it was some sort of way round it! ;D

Minnado said...

I too want a dress form! I looked on Preloved but there were just half a dozen "dress form wanted" ads. I did put my hand in my pocket this year and bought a new ironing board...well worth it! Go on give up the shop bought clothes, though I think it may be easier for me as I don't have to look smart for work.

amanda said...

I am so envious of your sewing skills - I have a terrible relationship with my machine! Love your Audrey btw.