Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Last week of the year

It is our wedding anniversary! Three years today - who would have believed it?!

We are having a quiet week, as the kids are away in London til after the New Year.

In craft news:
I have started sewing my 1950's twinset. Endless tailor-tacking as usual!
I finished the first sleeve of Audrey-in-Unst.
I am nearing the heel of the first Paul Atwell sock.
No pictures of anything as the daylight has gone - maybe tomorrow.

I have been reading everything I can find by Curtis Sittenfeld.
FL was quite worried as I sat there with tears streaming down my face. I would like to blame the glass of wine, but it was actually the horrible recognition of my own social shortcomings in the narrator of "Prep" (which has gone to London with my daughter, who is equally rapt).
I started and finished "Man of My Dreams" yesterday, with devastating consequences for my composure (even though it is a less well-written book).
Today I began "American Wife", but forced myself to emerge from my cocoon on the sofa long enough to cut out my 1950's twin-set: how appropriate!
Spontaneous consumption (a seasonal rant):
I am still reeling from the sight of the facebook lists of "presents received" by my daughter's peers. The prevalence of "fake tan, fake nails" was bad enough... but "spray tan voucher"? "£200"? "Laptop"? If this is what an ordinary 14-year-old girl expects (and worse still, receives) at Christmas, what hope is there for this country? We are raising a nation of footballer's wives.


didyoumakethat said...

Thanks for those book recommendations. Lots of lovely crafting lined up for you!

Twelfthknit said...

Congratulations on your third wedding anniversary :0)

Kestrel said...

Merry Christmas! Look forward to seeing your 50s twin set :)

feresaknit said...

So what's happened to pinching your mum's ambre solaire and having streaky legs and brown hands for two weeks? I once had a spray tan before we went on holiday to Oz so I'd blend in - I would have blended in better on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! ;D

Happy Anniversary!

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary!!

christinelaennec said...

Many congratulations to you both on your anniversary!

tim's wife said...

Happy Anniversary to you both.
And is that one blue eye and one brown that your FL is sporting?
I lived next to a boy who had that combination when I was a young "lass." Just dashing.
And, speaking of eyes, would you believe that my word verification for this comment is

Cassie said...

Happy anniversary!

Minnado said...

Congratulations on the wedding anniversary. I am intrigued by the book recommendations. As for the presents..eeek! I am still in shock at hearing my 9 year old nephew-in-law got an i-phone for christmas!

RooKnits said...

Happy Anniversary!