Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The more it snows...

It is over a week since my daughter went to school - unless you count a visit to a Hackney comprehensive... which we don't anymore.

The snow has put a stop to the official school bus, and in any case the school has been closed to pupils every day this week. At least it has given her time to catch up on maths homework... though it has become one of those tasks which grows to fit the time available.

FL has been driving me to work this week, but this morning was really hard work. The snow plough hasn't been back since Saturday and another 5 inches fell last night, so we had to dig the car out... only for him to slide into the bank on the other side of the road trying to get over the rut in the middle.

I had to push him out, all the time saying "Let's just park and go back to the house..." but by the time we got the car out, it was easier to carry on up the road than to try to turn, so off to work we went.

As I write, the snow is battering off the skylight once again, and I can't imagine getting to the office tomorrow.

My knitting is proving to be such a comfort after cold hard trudges through knee-deep drifts.

This is FL's Rainbow Warrior hat - a Christmas "surprise", although he has seen me knitting it. I don't think he suspects - not in these colours!

I think I might stick it in the washing machine to felt it as it is turning out quite large and with a more open gauge than I would like.

Watch this space for a wild woolly FO!


Lorna said...

Wow. Those are some wonderful colours. The yarn almost looks shiny in the photo.

I have to admit to being relieved to read that your "girl" has decided to stay at home for a bit longer. It can get lonely without female company. x

faeriecollege said...

I hope you enjoy the snow, in as much as it is possible being stuck inside and not being able to go anywhere.

And good luck with FL's Christmas project!

Sandy said...

All that snow and all that effort... pity you cannot work from home when the weather gets so challenging. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product for FL!

christinelaennec said...

I'm glad you're all safe at home. And I do hope you are working from home today! (Or is that knitting from home? The colours on FL's hat are gorgeous.) Here in Aberdeen we city mice are all still trudging to school and work. I walked about 4 miles yesterday in the snow before I got a bus the rest of the way. Good exercise!

mooncalf said...


Scruffybadger said...

You've got real snow! Does the novelty really wear off? Really??
I'm a sucker for the rainbow knit - that will look great set off by a winter wonderland- can't wait!