Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Mystery of the Un-risen Barn... and other Knits

I look back over my blog and again and again I see posts about "plans", which anyone would think implied a determination to do the things I say I am going to do - what?! You actually believed I would follow through?

Who remembers my Barn-Raising Blanket plan? Why, I do declare, I was going to knit a square every weekend! If I had stuck to that plan, begun in earnest in January 2009, I would be swimming in blankets by now!

But I last updated my Ravelry page for this project in January 2010... by which point I had knitted 8 squares! 8 squares?! In a year?! And I haven't touched it since.

I was further reminded of this when I saw Emily's blanket progress. Isn't it looking lovely?

I need to find some fresh motivation. You would have thought that the promise of a snuggley blanket would have been enough, but clearly not. TSK!

Which reminded me that there are other Works-in-Progress which haven't seen much daylight recently. How about the Helleborus Yoke?

I remember stopping half-way round the yoke so that I would know where I was - but that was months ago. And all I remember about it now is that there is a mistake in that cable. And that I thought it might be coming out a bit too small.

I might just rip it out and salvage the yarn.

And then there are the Fiore di Notte armwarmers. Do I care about them anymore? Or have I lost the love?

Which leaves just the one WIP: Audrey in Unst.

Come on Roobeedoo, finish it before the New Year and make your granny* a happy woman!

*My mother's mother used to say that it was very bad luck to leave projects unfinished into the beginning of a New Year. She used to stay up all night if necessary to complete knitting projects before the end of December.


tim's wife said...

I have a barnraising log cabin patchwork quilt I half made for our bed-get this 15 years ago. We got our dog and she started sleeping on our bed and I decided why bother finishing it just to get ruined by the dog. The dog died 2 1/2 years ago. I said, I really gotta finish the quilt and now we have another dog who jumps on the bed and does her "crazies."
If what your granny says is true, I am in deep doo-doo.

feresaknit said...

I remember that blanket because I remember thinking why knit all those squares in the round!

My great Nan apparently used to say that if you sewed on a Sunday you'd have to unpick the stitches when you got to heaven - with your nose! ;D

Clare said...

I hear you on the blanket; I started one about two years ago (sock yarn squares in garter stitch) and it's still only up to 10% on the progress bar.. Audrey is so close though - you can do it!

christinelaennec said...

Coincidentally, I spoke recently to a (Scottish) woman who said you have to have "everything off the needles" for Hogmanay. Complying with the true spirit of that particular superstition would require year-long planning on my part. Either that, or literally slide everything off the needles overnight until the 1st, and put things back on again!

jessica said...

Wow, we are really on the same wavelength. I have had that sweater in my Ravelry queue for a couple months now. Looks like it will be lovely in purple!

bagqueen said...

I too have some yarn and the fiore di notte arm warmers ready to start, but now the weather is sooo cold I want my fingers covered!! However I am going to a wedding where I could keep them on all evening as my dress is sleeveless!! Thats an idea thank you!!