Sunday, December 05, 2010

New Post

On Saturday morning, FL and I trogged out to the sorting office to collect a week's worth of mail.
I am quite certain that we didn't get it all, as I had made several Christmas-related orders before the snow came, and there was no sign of them... although I did collect my new wellies - hooray! (Yes, Mooncalf, I am a total copy cat!)
I was delighted to open my pristine print copy of The Shetland Trader book.
And my very-long-awaited Lula magazine!
I tried to subscribe for Issue 10 but left it too late and it had sold out. This is number 11. If you don't know, Lula is a heavyweight fashion-as-art magazine, which resells on eeebaaay for a stupid amount of money. But I don't intend to sell mine. I am going to set up home inside its pages for the rest of the winter. With my knitting. Call me shallow, if you like, but I can get lost in the photographs for hours at a time.
As I write, FL's mobile phone is clattering around inside the washing machine. There was a moth in the chocolate brownies, mice in two of the mouse traps, and we have only one more day's supply of logs for the fire. But life is good!


faeriecollege said...

You had me until "moth in the chocolate brownies". Oh dear.

feresaknit said...

I visited Lula and on

I saw a crocheted tree and then what looked like two rolls of naff wallpaper that turned out to be legs in tights! ;D

mooncalf said...

yay - sharing the wellie love!

I think you have far more need of them than I do (touch wood). We've had barely a sprinkling so far. Although it has been unbelievably cold...

christinelaennec said...

Just want you to know that the mention of FL's phone in the washing machine was somewhat of a comfort to my husband, whose own phone has gone from Misplaced to Missing to Officially Lost over the weekend.

I couldn't quite make heads or tails of what I was seeing on the Lula website, either - but it's interesting!