Thursday, December 02, 2010

Real snow and a rainbow

Ms Scruffybadger asked whether I could really tire of "real" snow.
Believe me, the novelty is wearing off!

It is the sheer physical effort required to perform the simplest task.
There can be no "popping out to the shop" when first you have to trudge 300 yards down a track which is 18 inches deep in the white stuff, so sneaks over the top of your wellies and leaves you with cold, wet feet. Then dig out the car, sand the road-end, only to give up as you slide inelegantly across the single-track into the neighbouring field because the snow plough has not been near your unclassified road for 5 days.
Collecting logs for the fire involves clearing a foot of snow from the tarpaulin that covers the woodpile, then chipping the logs apart, because of course they have frozen into one solid lump.
But is it beautiful?
Um... yes. Actually it is rather lovely!
Which is probably not the word to describe the hat I have knitted for FL's Christmas.
"Mad" is quite a good word.
As you can see, it is blinking HUGE and rather too lacey.
I am going to felt the be-jinkies out of it tonight with the hot wash.
Now there's another impossible task: washing! How on earth do I dry the washing when the line is frozen stiff?


faeriecollege said...

I've been thinking the same thing about my laundry, as I sit here staring at a pile of jumpers that really, really need to be washed. If it weren't snowing, I'd take it to the laundromat, but now? Not so much.

feresaknit said...

How about a tumble drier? Just a wacky thought. Typing of wacky - at least you'll be able to find FL in the snow! ;D

AND whilst I'm at it 18" of snow - I've never seen that much well not vertically - and as to the rest of the hardships of snow - fingers in ears LA LA LA LA LA!

Sandy said...

You look quite 'elfish' in that rainbow bonnet... and the snow shots are lovely, esp. since I cannot go out in it... my sympathies for all those chilly challenges.

Scruffybadger said...

Gorgeous views .... OK I get the pain of it too, & even though I'm a romantic at heart I bet I'd be moaning about it by now. I guess it's OK as long as you don't have to work (& generally live) isn't it?
On the rainbow hat (so sweet!) did you knit it to felt it? If it's not too much of a hassle (what with the snow!) could you show what you do to felt it? Yet another thing I've never done (apart maybe from a blue jumper that should have been handwashed!)

christinelaennec said...

I recall one winter in Illinois a friend told me "I broke my best sheet!" She'd hung it outside to dry, and it had frozen solid and snapped in half when she tried to bring it in. A cautionary tale.

Roobeedoo said...

Paula - tumble-drier?! Not in this eco-friendly household! ;D

Christine - Gasp! I have had a sheet rip in the wind, but never snap!

bagqueen said...

Is hat WW' Rainbow Warrior? I have one that I made 2 years ago and it rarely leaves my head from Nov til March so I reccommend it highly!! I agrree bout its ok if you just look throughh window whilst sitting by lovely stove or fire but over the wellies sounds unnecessary to say the least!!

GrannyPurple said...

I remember my mother saying that the best way to iron shirts was when they had frozen on the clothesline!

The hat will be amazing when it's felted!