Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Socks Afoot

From one extreme to the other. My hat-knitting obsession looks set to be followed by a deluge of socks.

There has not been much sock-knitting this year: 5 pairs compared to 10 in 2009, even though knitting socks is my favourite thing... ooh probably ever!
And here are the facts:
My socks are full of holes, so are my daughter's... and so are FL's! And he is not as keen on darning these days, as he gets eye-strain very easily.

I have a large stash of sock yarn.
I have a huge pile of sock patterns.
I did not even cast on one pair of socks from the Knit Love Club 2010 - pathetic!

I am deeply wary of setting myself a New Year's resolution because experience tells me it is just one more thing to feel guilty about, and who needs guilt? But who remembers the Socks From Stash Club?
So, I have a plan. It's not original. It won't change the world... but in 2011 I want to knit one pair of socks from the stash every month.
The rewards are obvious: the family will have warm feet again, the stash will be slimmer, and I will be a happy knitter!
In no particular order, the first few pairs that spring to mind are:
  • Kilravock for FL, in green Lidl cheap-as-chips yarn

  • Karaoke (Knitted Socks East and West) for me, in purple Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport (dk weight)

  • 2luvcrew (Knit Love Club pattern) for my daughter, in turquoise Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock

You will note a double helping of Lorna's Laces in that list. I am finally reaching the conclusion that socks need to be knitted in yarn with a touch of nylon. It has not escaped my notice that the socks that wore through fastest were made from Malabrigo Sock, swiftly followed by Fyberspates bfl... and with great regret I have to tell you that the bright blue Clessidra knee-highs in the photo were knit from precious Wollmeise merino superwash! GASP! The shrunken-looking stripey ones are Goth Socks. My daughter's have felted and shrunk, while FL's have worn through.

Still going strong, despite even harder wear: Online Supersocke 100, Austermann Step, Lorna's Laces, and Sunbeam St Ives.

My favourites socks to wear at the moment are my Hazel Knits Biwa socks, but I am aware that although they are warm and soft, they are developing definite bobbling issues. I have three more skeins of this wonderful yarn set aside, but will keep an eye on the Biwas for the time being, in case they are about to self-destruct! I will be auditing the stash and separating out the "not-for-socks" fingering weight yarn.

Ironically, it might mean I need to buy more sock yarn before 2011 is out - but that's OK! ;)


mooncalf said...

Good plan. I'm tempted to make my own sock club by putting some of my sock yarn in little bags labelled January to December for next year...

And I'd like to knit those Biwa socks too. I really love that Knitted Socks East and West book!

bagqueen said...

Good idea, I love those 2luvcrew for your daughter but the look very complicated!! I have friends that have used the Lidl yarn and it has worked out really well. I have loads of sock yarn too so maybe I should follow your plan!! At least then I would have some ready made pressies in the cupboard and not be rushing at last minute or giving 1 sock + IOU for a gift!!

handmadehomeschool said...

I came to the same conclusion. If it's 100% wool, I'm not making socks out of it. I had such delight early in my sock knitting days knitting a few pairs from some hand-dyed yarn that my husband gave me. The yarn felt like butter in my hands, the colours delighted my eyes, and then the socks wore like butter. They still sit in my drawer. I'm unable to throw them away, like beautiful feathers found on the sidewalk.

My favourites for wear: Regia and Lana Grossa. They wear like iron.

My first two sock patterns are likely to be Bellatrix and the Nemesis pattern. Sheesh. When I say them together it sounds like very angry knitting, doesn't it?

christinelaennec said...

Well it looks to me as if your holey socks got plenty of wear, even if not as much as you wish. Although I don't enjoy knitting socks, I have made a few pairs and agree about the nylon.

homemadehomeschool, your "angry knitting" observation made me laugh!

Scruffybadger said...

So for us non sock knitters, is this a health warning? Is sock knitting as compulsive as sewing, does it lead to growing stashes & pattern collecting? I like the plan though!

feresaknit said...

Five! - are you sure - you seem to have knit loads - at least 10! ;D

I was thinking of knitting socks for my nephews for Christmas but I don't know if I have enough wool when I casually checked their shoe sizes at weekend they were 12 and 13! at 18 and 15 respectively! :O

RooKnits said...

My Hazel knits have felted a little on the sole, but no holes yet. I'm wearing my hand knit socks all the time now, I have a feeling I may need to knit more very soon. My new favourites are from the Knit Love Club however, Rumpled and Caretta Caretta are wearing very well despite weekly wearing and washing!

Roobeedoo said...

I love the description of hole-y socks as "like beautiful feathers found on the sidewalk"! Thanks for that handmadehomeschool!
And Scruffybadger - be warned! Sock yarn is the most addictive substance known to knitter-kind!

Anonymous said...

Here's a quick tip for those 100% wool socks. Knit the heels and toes really tightly. You might even want to double the yarn in those areas. I know it's a pain, but they'll wear better.