Monday, December 20, 2010

Sssssssssh! It's a secret FO!

I finished FL's Rainbow Centuria hat.

Sneaky attempts to check the size while he was dozing in his chair were almost foiled when the flash went off!
Despite appearances, I reckon this one is going to fit. And it is red, not pink!

We are snowed in. We can't get beyond the end of the farm track with the car. We accepted the situation all weekend, but this morning made an attempt to get me to work, only to end up stuck in a snowdrift only a couple of yards from where we had been parked. Luckily, the very grumpy farmer from the Other Side of The Hill was trying to drive past at the time, and felt obliged to help dig us out - if only because we were blocking his way!

I have excavated the freezer and cupboards and concluded we have enough food for a week if need be... but it is going to be a highly un-traditional Christmas dinner chez Roobeedoo, unless we get to a shop sometime soon!

FL is due at the hospital tomorrow... hmmmm.
My 85-year-old mother has been taken ill, so all plans for her to come North for Christmas have been abandoned.

I have explained to her that it is not her turn in the queue for the mortuary, so she had better sort herself out asap.

It is just as well we all have a sense of humour.


bagqueen said...

Hat is looking good. The whole idea of being snowed in sounds very romantic to a townie like me but I would be rubbish at having any food back-up!! We would be eating some very weird combinations of supper if the planning was left to me!!

tea and cake said...

Hurrah for the hat, and :( boo for your mum being poorly. Hope she's better soon.
We are 'in' for the furation, though can get out, due to a 4-wheel drive, but daren't go far for fear of not getting back in again!
You're better off at home in this weather, and work can wait, eh?

feresaknit said...

Yeah right - you just keep telling yourself it's red! It looks pink from here! You'll be calling it salmon next!

So it could be baked beans on toast for Christmas lunch then! ;D

Twelfthknit said...

yes...if you don't laugh, you cry... I can see a whole new swathe of Reality TV based on the nation's menus during The Big Freeze.

Clare said...

wow, hat looks much better although that tiny one makes me laugh out loud! Hope you can get out and about tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Sandy said...

What a bummer to be facing icicles, snow cones and ice cream for a Christmas repast. I'd pray for it to warm up, but others may be doing the same thing and I don't want to cause a flood! Instead I will just intend that a small miracle comes your way to make it possible for a proper feast, and along that line that your Mum is up and about very soon as well!

christinelaennec said...

The hat is looking great. I do believe you about the red. (I believe you are seeing red!) Sorry to hear about your mother, I hope she'll be obedient and get better pronto. I also hope that you'll be able get to the hospital tomorrow. As far as food goes, it will be a memorable Christmas whatever the menu. And at least you haven't spent the last 72 hours in an airport eating airport food, right? Take care! Hugs --

didyoumakethat said...

I'm sorry you're snowed in BUT I love your blog posts. Great and hilarious photos! And fabulous dark humour.