Friday, January 07, 2011

Comments and Looking Ahead

Crikey! Thank you so much for all those lovely comments on my finished cardi!
Which reminds me - I have been totally rubbish recently at getting back to people in response to their comments.
I hope you don't think I am just sitting here wallowing in your kindness, and polishing my nails? Truly, every one is appreciated. I have decided to try to respond in the comments section when I next update the blog, unless an individual clearly needs a personal reply. Some regular visitors don't seem to be properly linked through Blogger, so even though I know I "know" you, I can't always pay a reciprocal visit. Most frustrating!
But, just so you know, you are all very welcome... and so are your comments! ; )

Looking Ahead
I am back at work now, so blogging / sewing / knitting / sleeping time is severely reduced - you may have noticed!

This week's non-work obsessions have included the quest for new spectacles. I wear my glasses all the time these days and although I am fairly happy with my current frames, I would really like a more vintage look.
I love these but I don't think the colour would suit me...?

I have tried two pairs from Dead Mens Spex which made me look the wrong sort of eccentric.

My copy of Lula magazine has had me ogling the Cutler and Gross website (further charmed by the American in Paris soundtrack!) but there are no stockists north of Edinburgh and they are rather pricey.

Karie linked to a seller in Glasgow who will make a personal appointment to show their wares, and I am rather tempted by this plan: maybe arrange a rendezvous with my mother while I am at it, as she still doesn't have her Christmas presents!
Almost the weekend - I have a twinset to finish sewing - woo hoo!


christinelaennec said...

I would love to see you in those glasses! I do think the colour would suit you, especially if you were wearing Audrey-in-Unst.

Scruffybadger said...

Hello! I also LOVE the finished cardi - you are a woolly inspirer! Missed the time to comment, but onto glasses ....I am also in that looking for some retro glasses place - but the ones that I have seen are over £300 for frames only (my fault for having a posh optician). However, my first visit to Specsavers to peruse their wares was too disappointing. How do you feel about getting glasses on-line? Is my tradition getting in the way by forcing me down the need to feel it try it on route?

Roobeedoo said...

Thanks Christine - I might give them a try!

Hi ScruffyBadger! I don't think I would buy my lenses online (as I have a complicated prescription) but I definitely think it's worth a try ordering vintage frames. Dead Mens Spex offer no-questions-asked returns and I have tried two of their frames so far - sadly neither suited me. The ones in the photo are from an Etsy seller in the UK and they are very cheap, but of course they won't be returnable if I look like Dame Edna Everege in them ; )

Scruffybadger said...

Thank you for that info - I've had a look on the website - very reasonable prices too!