Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crafting and The Girl

I keep forgetting to show you the amazing pillowcases my daughter received from her "other" granny and aunt at Christmas.
They used an embroidery pattern from Urban Threads, and it is really interesting to see their individual interpretations of the same design in the same colours: each of the pair is the same but different.
They were begun as a contribution to the ongoing "Goth Up Ya Room" project, which rather fell by the wayside when I thought The Girl was moving to London.
Now that we know she is staying, we have installed a new curtain rail and black voile / velvet curtains. We still need to decide on a paint colour, and a cool lampshade would be good too.

The Girl has also found a use for my off-cuts of grosgrain ribbon, rustling up a range of bows for her hair. She found the instructions on a blog! (Heh heh heh, like mother like daughter?!)
Her next plan is to shred a pair of old black skinny jeans (which can no longer pass for school trousers!) and add Zombie patches.
I subscribed to Cloth magazine for her for a while, and although some of the projects are a bit "lame" (her word, not mine), it has definitely been inspirational.


christinelaennec said...

"You still need to decide on a colour"???

feresaknit said...

Oh I like that urban threads and they do machine embroidery too!

Today hair bows tomorrow handknit socks! :D

Roobeedoo said...

Very funny Christine! Maybe I should have written "agree on a colour", because if anyone thinks I am painting the sunniest room in the house BLACK, they can... um... do it themselves?!

Sandy said...

When I was in my late teens, long before 'goth' was in, (I think it was when horses had toes...) I wanted to paint my sunny bedroom black as well. I was allowed one portion of a wall... what delight to have that gloom and doom in one corner! Now I cannot imagine it, but at the time it was my greatest joy.

Good luck in finding the lampshade and room colour...

tim's wife said...

Not that the girl is asking for votes but I vote a muted lavendar.
You DO NOT want to paint the walls black. You'll have a heck of a time covering it when you change it. Lavendar goes well with black accents and is a "feel good" color.
She wouldn't want her room to feel like a dark cave...... would she?

faeriecollege said...

Having been a teenager with black velvet curtains and one black wall (with the Doors of Durin painted on it around my closet door), I can only advise her that moderation is key.

Christine Laennec said...

Another thought - if you do agree on black, you (she) could first put lining paper on the wall(s), and then paint onto the paper. Then when you come to change the wall colour, you can strip the lining paper.

Roobeedoo said...

A "dark cave" - err yes, I do believe that is the aim, Denise! But I like the idea of lining paper - or even plain black wallpaper if such a thing exists!