Saturday, January 01, 2011

The First Day

A crisp, clean new diary.

A calendar turned to January and hung.

This year I want to complete my thoughts, follow through my good intentions, instead of allowing myself to be distracted by obligations.

I began in a simple way today by digging out a CD I love and dancing round the living room - woo hoo for being home alone for a couple of hours!

And I almost fell at the first hurdle.

Do you see this mess?
This is what happens in just 24 hours of living with a dog and an insomniac FL who love to wander the fields together in the early hours. I vacuumed this floor only yesterday!
This is the excuse I used to make for not exercising: the cleaning required before I could bear to kick off my shoes and boogie was so much effort, it was all the "fitness" I needed. Pathetic!
So I swept up, moved back the table and got on with it.

And then I made myself a cup of tea, cut a slice of gingerbread, and settled down to sew snap fasteners on the cushion covers I made... um... over a year ago?!
Another case of unfinished business, finished!
How long will I keep it up?
I would love to tell you this is my new life habit, because I feel so much better for investing time in being me.
Happy New Year!


Scruffybadger said...

Yay! It is so important to enjoy being yourself- dancing, cake eating & doing a little of what you fancy. Hope you manage to keep it up. :-)

feresaknit said...

Happy Hogmanay & Happy New You! Keep it up!

My dancing days are over in case I fracture something however that's no loss I have the co-ordination of a monkey on crack cocaine! So have a boogie for me! (I can still do the feet stuck to the floor sway the body thing!) ;D

Lorna said...

What's "Me"? lol

christinelaennec said...

Hooray, you had a wee groove, gingerbread AND you finished a project - nevermind the floor! I wish you many more days of being true to yourself and following your heart in 2011.
Hey the word verification is "crocus" - roll on spring!

Minnado said...

Sounds like a good day's work. There is a great satisfaction in finally finishing something that has languished for a year :) I enjoyed reading your sewing plans and knitting plans.