Sunday, January 16, 2011

FO: Cabled Keyhole Scarf

Have you ever made something that filled a gap in your life that you didn't even know existed until you had made that thing?

Well, maybe "gap in your wardrobe" is less dramatic and more appropriate than "gap in your life", but in this case it comes to the same thing.

I knitted this scarf-let, allegedly for my aged aunt as a belated Christmas present .
But when I tried it on, I realised it was exactly what I needed to keep the wind out of the neck of my parka when I am walking the dog around the farm.
So I am really sorry, Aunty Jean, this one is mine! But I will definitely knit another one for you very soon, because it was a fun knitting experience and I have several orphan skeins in the stash which would work well with this pattern.

Not the most flattering photo of me that FL has ever taken, but I was looking into the sun and the wind was in my face!

Cabled Keyhole Scarf by Anne Hanson (Knitspot).

A single 50g (130yd) skein of Berroco Blackstone Tweed, colour: Nor'Easter (how appropriate!), a blend of 65%wool, 25% superkid mohair and 10% angora. I bought mine from a fellow-Raveller for only £5, but Loop sells this yarn. It is gorgeous!

4.5mm needles - I used my Daisy dpns because the rows were short and I love knitting with them: they are warm to the touch, which makes a big difference to my Raynaud's-afflicted fingers.

I have heard of people knitting one of these scarves in an evening, but I was too absorbed in studying the complexities of the design and tripped myself up a few times by "over-thinking" - again!

Follow the instructions - it isn't hard - and you will produce a beautiful, practical little piece of knitting. It's a great opportunity to indulge yourself in a single skein of something special.

And if you are interested in knitting design as an intellectual exercise, study this pattern: I learned so much!


christinelaennec said...

Darn it! Just when I had resolved to finish all the projects I already have, just when I had come to realise my life was complete, you show me this! Hmmmm.... It looks beautiful and useful, which is the best combination of all.

Scruffybadger said...

OOO- love it!! No wonder you have decided to keep it for yourself!