Monday, January 31, 2011

FO: Paul Atwell socks

Yay! I did it! I completed my January socks on Sunday, after an all-day knitting-at-home festival!
I am determined to stick to my plan of knitting a pair of socks every month this year, and refused to fail in the first month.

Pattern: Paul Atwell socks by Emily Johnson, part of her Family Trunk Project. (P.S. Go and look at her blog to see a beautiful sewing project!)

It's a great pattern - well-written, reliable, and in lots of sizes to suit a wider-footed male.
Although the stitch pattern includes a scary-looking "loop" on the right side (which is picked up two rows later), the fabric stayed really stretchy and didn't lose tension.
I knitted the 80-stitch version, to make sure FL could get them on and off easily without laboured bending and huffing and puffing.

I used Lidl's Cesana sock yarn, which was stupidly cheap: 4 balls for £2.99 I think it was - or possibly £3.99, but since I only used one ball per sock, these are definitely the cheapest socks I have ever knitted.
It remains to be seen how they wash and wear, but I was impressed by the Regia-like quality of the yarn as I worked with it.

The only criticism I have is that one ball in the pack of 4 was a noticeably different colour to the others: much much paler. There is no "dye lot" info on the ball bands, so I guess you get what you pay for. I will probably use that ball "row about" with the darker ball to avoid a bleached-out looking mismatched sock.
FL likes them, although he always prefers knee-high socks if he can persuade me to knit them! I enjoyed knitting these, despite the self-imposed pressure of knitting the last half-sock in one day. I really like the texture of the gull-and-seed stitch.
Ooh - now I get to choose a new pattern and yarn for February!


Kestrel said...

These look really nice, and the yarn looks great. I've never got into knitting socks but I'm always impressed by those made by others!

Lucette said...

me too, I like the design and the subtle colours. nice going

christinelaennec said...

Those are simply beautiful! I like gull stitch as well. This reminds me that I once made a sweater in that pattern, that I wore for years. I'm curious to see what February's socks will be! And yes, Emily's dress is really beautiful.

Anna said...

They're gorgeous!

faeriecollege said...

Start as you mean to go on. Good for you Roo!

And as an added bonus, they're very pretty.

Raveller said...

Congrats! Beautiful texture, I finished my January socks on the 31st as well.

Roobeedoo said...

Thank you, sock-fans! ;)