Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just the Headlines

I am very busy at work. As a result, my brain will not be calm and I flash from thought to thought to other thought and achieve very little.
Is this the definition of ADHD?!

I have drafted perhaps 5 separate blog posts about all sorts of things, in far too much detail.
So instead, here is a summary post about, well, everything!

First up: a finished sock for FL, using the Paul Atwell pattern by Emily Johnson. One down, one to go.

FL fell full length on the ice tonight on a family outing to the bins. One second he was up, and the next he was flat on his face. He is OK, but we all got a big fright. We can't take the rubbish in the car (as we usually do) because it is so hard to stop the car at the end of the road. That 180 degree turn of yesterday? We think the car simply slid of its own accord, despite the handbrake being on, because we had a similar experience while we were in it this morning. Scary!

I have new shoes! A January Sale bargain! They are by Camper, style name = Mamba. Don't pay £100, ladies - you can get them for far far less!

Kind of vintage-looking, rather elegant, comfortable underfoot: I will wear them every day until they fall apart!

P.S. they come in purple too, my purple-loving pals!

And I have a new vintage pattern – the original wiggle dress upon which Simplicity 3673 is based – and in my size (almost! )
I want to chop the wiggle version off just below the bust to make a high-waisted skirt in black cotton sateen. Another sewist did this and it looked amazing - if it was you, please leave a comment so I can add a link!

I plan to use my chocolate / grey babycord to make the dress.

And finally: a new “instant gratification” knitting project: the Cabled Keyhole scarf by Anne Hanson as a belated Christmas gift for my aged aunt.

I am using Berroco Blackstone Tweed from another Raveller's destash. The colour is much darker, deeper, richer than this photo suggests - a really gorgeous midnight blue. It is very very soft - I would love to make a full-sized garment out of this luxurious yarn!

Now that wasn't so hard, was it Roo?


Kestrel said...

Eek! I really love the look of that dress pattern. The scarf looks like it's going to be lovely too.

Scruffybadger said...

Socks! Love the shoes - please do make a high waisted wiggle skirt - wonderful coloured wool for the pretty scarf Lots of lovely ideas & images! Maybe I shouldn't be reading this before bed!

faeriecollege said...

Yikes! I hope FL is all ok, and that the dreadful ice/snow goes away soon.

Those shoes. O. My. Word. But I have so many pairs of shoooeees. Bummer.

GrannyPurple said...

Those shoes are VERY Roobeedoo!

Minnado said...

Those shoes are fab. Knitting looking good,you are in adifferent knitting league to me!
I like the sound of the skirt. Hope Fl is okay after fall. The car turning incident sounds scary. I hate driving in the little snow we have here so I would be a real wuss living where you do.

Mike said...

Hi Ruth, regarding yesterdays post about FL's Cramps and wierd pains. I suffered terribly like this and the hospital cured it while I was in there with doses of magnesium, the difference being TOTAL.maybe not hurt to get levels checked by doctor.
Keep up the wonderful care you carer you. xxxx

Roobeedoo said...

Yay for my new shoes! :D
Thanks everyone!
Mike - thanks for that tip re magnesium. I will ask if they have checked his level.