Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vanilla Fudge Ate My Energy

I was supposed to have a new skirt to show you this week. I finished it on Sunday - except for the bottom hem. And how long does it take to turn up a hem?
But I have had no energy to spare this week. I blame the bar of vanilla fudge in my desk drawer. Shrug. The hem will have to wait until the weekend.
But I started another Cabled Keyhole Scarf - definitely for my aunt this time! The yarn is a sample skein of handspun camel from Hipknits that I tried to dye blue with my woad crop a couple of years ago. It is supersoft and is a kind of mushroom colour with blue splodges. I need to give it a wash when I finish, as I wouldn't want my aunt's neck to change colour from the dodgy dye-ing!
The new season's catalogues continue to arrive and go straight into the recycling bag... although I do like this top from Joules. It is a silk / cotton mix and claims to have a back pleat, which is intriguing. I like the double string of beads too.
I cut out the Pendrell blouse pattern at the weekend, but the sleeves are double-thickness, so it really does have to be made from super-drapey fabric. I had planned to use a navy / white pin-dot cotton and it was far too stiff. Back to the drawing-board.
However, I have just the pattern to suit the material!
Clare was having a clear-out and remembered that I had been jealous of her 1950's vintage pattern and offered it to me - woo hoo!
I can't imagine ever being warm enough to bare my shoulders, but isn't this the most fabulous summer top?
I would love to make the bow-necked version in my navy and white dotty cotton - fabulous with the navy sailor trousers I haven't made yet!
And my new skirt...!
P.S. There is one more day to vote for or against my new glasses... though the result is looking pretty much unanimous at the moment!


Kestrel said...

I love the look of that bow-necked top too.

I wonder what all those pattern ladies are looking at, over their shoulders?

christinelaennec said...

If the woad does come off on your auntie's neck, will she be a Pict? So pleased you got the pattern you wanted!

daisydonut said...

Wish you hadn't mentioned vanilla fudge, I could do with some to help wash this cup of tea down!

The blouse pattern is divine. It will look gorgeous under a cardi if it's too chilly for bare shoulders.

I'm loving your keyhole scarves - when you say the yarn is camel I assume you mean from a camel with a hump camel? I didn't know it's possible to make knitting yarn from camel hair.

feresaknit said...

It's a good job the highlanders of old weren't relying on your woad dyeing skills. Personally I like the odd fleck of blue - it's different.

I bought two books a while ago Passion for Colour and then Wild Colour - but it looked so 'involved' I've never given it a go! :D

faeriecollege said...

*sigh* Vanilla fudge. I love it so, but it doesn't love me back.

I haven't got any paper catalogues yet, but I haven't looked at the ones in my e-mail inbox for a long time. It's SNOWING here, I'm so not interested in Spring clothes.

Clare said...

Yay! A navy dotty bow version sounds fab - and would be lovely with sailor trousers. Audrey can keep you warm!

SewMentalMama said...

What beautiful knitting, and that sewing pattern is gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by, I left a reply, more or less to say that the yardage is not over-estimated much for this Colette pattern.

Lorna said...

I long to be slim enough for the fabulous vintage patterns you find, but alas, I have eaten too much vanilla fudge and various other food stuffs over the last 12 months.

You will look gorgeous in that blouse. It reminds me of a halter neck top I had in my teens. x