Thursday, February 03, 2011

Flaming February socks - ready, steady...

So - February sock-knitting.

I had all sorts of idealistic, wholesome plans to make myself a pair of utilitarian "jeans socks" using row-about Lorna's Laces and Sunbeam St Ives, like I did with these. So I wound the Lorna's (with a bit of help from FL, who is the best detangler I know!) and I even worked 11 rows.
But it wasn't working out. I was struggling to see which yarn was which in the dim evening light and all the time I was asking myself why I was knitting a pattern I didn't actually love, when there were plenty of others which actually made me excited to think of them (yes, I am a sad, sad sock fetishist!)

So I ditched Plan A and let myself dream a little... and thought "February... what's special about it?" Um... marmalade-making and Valentine's Day? So... bright orange "Flaming Desire" socks it is!

Now I remember why I love Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn! What a pleasure it is to knit with: soft, yet firm, with amazing stitch definition. And look how kick-off-your-shoes wild this Hi Octang colour is!

And yes - it is another Anne Hanson pattern, because I reckon I might be able to learn a thing or two from the way she writes a sock!

Drab and grey or fizzily orange? No contest!


Kestrel said...

That is a really beautiful colour - I can see why you're excited to knit with it!

christinelaennec said...

Yes, we definitely need some warm colours just now. In the chakra system (for those who believe), orange is the colour of creativity.

Lorna said...

Corona orangeade springs to mind. Long drought filled Summers of the 70's and school holidays. I'm a kid again.

Katherine said...

Ysolda brought Anne Hanson to knitting group this evening, I'm really embarrassed to say I hadn't heard of her, I've just been looking at her designs on Ravelry - gorgeous!

Love the greeny yarn at the top.

Roobeedoo said...

Kestrel and Christine - yes, this is the colour boost I needed!

Lorna - yay! The 70's!! Did you ever drink Creamola foam? That was my 1970's memory drink!

Katherine - crikey, girl! Double knitting celebrity surprise! You must check out Anne's patterns - they are so well-written. And I love her blog!