Sunday, February 20, 2011

FO: Cinnamon Slip in Voile

I spent most of the weekend sewing up my Cinnamon slip.

Colette Cinnamon slip, made up in size 4 (US)
Silk / cotton voile from Ditto Fabrics - I bought 2 metres.

The pattern is graded "intermediate" and I think that is fair.
Sewing on the bias is quite tricky, especially with a fine fabric like this one.
I found some of the instructions a trifle opaque - in particular the part where you sew the back and the front together, where the descriptions of "upper" and "lower" bodice didn't seem quite right.
But I got through it OK.
I would have liked to have used French seams, but wasn't sure if this would work on the bias, so I ended up stitching everything with a tiny zigzag, and folding under all the raw edges and finishing the folded edges with another row of zig zag.
It felt like making dolls' clothes! So many tiny stitches!

I attempted to finish the hem with a scalloped edge, but the bias was stretching all over the place. I believe I could have avoided this with spray-on starch... but I don't own such a commodity, so I gave up and just turned it under twice and finished with yet another line of zig zags. I used a lot of thread!

Turning the straps the right way out was a breeze compared to the trauma of pressing them flat. I had to separate the layers with a pin and inch my way along... through 4 chapters of my Brighton Rock audio book! Having finally got them smooth and straight I ran a couple of rows of (you guessed it) zig zags down their length to prevent a similar mess every time I wash the slip.

I don't know how I feel about threading the straps through the fronts to gather them above the bust: even in this fine fabric it is more bulky than I would have liked.

Why, yes, it is a very pretty little slippy garment!
But I can't see me wearing it as an everyday underskirt.
It is much more of a summer nightdress, with definite heirloom qualities.
I imagined I was sewing a piece for a trousseau as I worked away on this flimsy piece of nothing-ness.
It seems so fragile - as if it is the zig zagging that is holding it together.

Will I make another? I am not sure. I have the same fabric in a darker shade of peachy pink, and I know that it is far too see-through to use for anything that anyone will ever see! So this pattern is perhaps ideal.

I would never consider making Cinnamon as an actual dress - it is far too revealing.
Or maybe I am just feeling grey today ;)


didyoumakethat said...

Wow, I am full of admiration at your patience. Audio books - what a great idea to keep you company! The slip is so very pretty.

Steph said...

It's very pretty, thanks for your thoughts. Doll's clothes... hehe. Except not quite doll size. A lot of the heirloom sewing techniques are quite sturdy, my Harriet Pepin says something to the effect that while lingerie is delicate and light, it should also stand up to constant washing.

Scruffybadger said...

That is one beautiful slip - truly. And I think it makes big sense to mini zig zag everything (including the straps)- your stitching is so neat. Lovely fabric choice as well.

Do you know what though, those things you say are my unuttered thoughts about my Cinnamon. It was fiddly & delicate & for me still feels too fragile to wear everyday (plus I have to iron it - so that keeps it out of everyday use - he he). I too am not sure about the strap-tunnel-gathered bits. And I am sure as I have worn it I've wrenched a seam (but am too scared to look.) All in all I feel too much of a clod to wear it much. I'm interested to know how you get on

faeriecollege said...

That looks lovely! I like the idea of it as a flimsy summer nightdress, it looks perfect.

christinelaennec said...

Very beautiful. Who knows, it may end up being sturdier than you think now, and you might find it works as an underdress.

Lizzi said...

Ach, don't feel grey - it's a lovely slip and yes - it is too fine to be used a for anything other than underwear but just think how good you will feel when you wear it.

Debi said...

This is great! I love the slip and wow, the seams look really good!

Katherine said...

That's so pretty, I love it!

indigorchid said...

It looks so beautifully made! Well done! I really like the breakdown of your project - pro's and con's, and if you'd make it again. It's like a review!

Very pretty.

feresaknit said...

OH LA LA! Are you gonna wear it under or over your thermals? ;D

Ali said...

Lovely! Thanks for this review. I'm not sure I'm brave enough yet to try a project like this -- but I love the shape and romance of this pattern.

SewMentalMama said...

Your Cinnamon is gorgeous and it's very interesting to read your experience of sewing it. I love how neat your seam finishes look.

Stevie said...

Ohhh I see where that voile was! I never thought of that nude colour for a slip like that! that is inspired!!! Even if it is thin! x