Sunday, February 27, 2011

FO: Land Girl Skirt

One day's sewing and I have a new skirt!

Pattern: McCalls 2269 from 1970, view A, waist 27, hip 38

Fabric: 2 metres of German "trousering" from Croft Mill Fabrics @ £5.50 per metre.

I note that there is now a health warning on the website concerning the ideal washing temperature for this fabric. Perhaps because I wrote to complain that it developed pronounced faded creases when I pre-washed it, and sent back a sample to show what had happened. I was promised a refund which never came, but it turns out that all is well: I am happy with the skirt and was able to cut around the bleached-out streaks.

Buttons: Civil Defence buttons from WW2.

I bought two on eeebaaay and a friendly Raveller sent me another five.
(Christian - if you are reading this, there will be a little something in the post to you on Monday ; ))

So... how was it as a sewing experience, Roo?
I'm very glad you asked. This fabric was out to get me from the start!
I stitched the first few seams without incident, but when it came to topstitching the front yoke section in place, all hell broke out.

The needle refused to pierce the multiple layers of cloth, dis-engaging the fly-wheel. So I changed to a heavier needle, and the same thing happened.

It wouldn't even work if I hand-cranked the wheel!

I searched the house for my old 1970's Singer sewing machine... and then remembered I had given it to the charity shop.

So I took the dog for a walk in the woods.

When I came back I tried changing the needle again.


And then I hit upon the idea to use a finer needle, instead of a heavier one.


The thinner needle slid easily between the cords of the "chain stitch" cotton, and everything went swimmingly from then on - phew! The zip went in without a hitch.

I decided not to tempt fate with a heavy interfaced facing at the waist, and instead used a length of polka-dot grosgrain ribbon in a colour described unappetisingly as "turf tan" - perfect!

The hem was simply turned over twice and top-stitched.

It turned out exactly as I hoped.

The waist comes up quite high, which is perfect for wearing with any of my vintagey blouses - especially Sencha! And just right with Audrey-in Unst too.

Oddly, there is also a touch of cow-girl style going on, and it is very "country and western" with my cowboy boots!

My daughter thinks I need to buy some new shoes to wear with it, probably in tan.

I know just the pair! ; )

Image: Urban Outfitters


didyoumakethat said...

That is a fabulous outfit - I love it! Well worth the grief. NB I was telling my family about your 'wafer thin ham' comment last night and we all burst out laughing as we inspected my Kindle cover!

RooKnits said...

It looks amazing! Love it.

Xtiand said...

The skirt looks great and the buttons really suit the fabric. I'm glad they were of use to you.

Sandy said...

You are a stylin' mom to be sure! Your daughter can not be anything but proud of you! Love the look with the new glasses, too.

Kestrel said...

Your skirt is great, really stylish - a great outfit over all too.

christinelaennec said...

Fantastic skirt and outfit! It's perfect with Audrey and also that very fetching gigham blouse underneath with the belt. The buttons are too cool as well.

Lizzi said...

Very smart. My Ma was a land girl but I don't think she had an outfit like that - it's a really good look.

tea and cake said...

This really suits you, and looks very cosy. A super make all round.

faeriecollege said...

Oh.My.Heavens. You look perfect. Properly perfect.

mooncalf said...

Wow - what a fabulous skirt. I can't believe you made it. It is totally amazing.

You should chase that refund though - that's not right...

Clare said...

I love the whole outfit!

Minnado said...

I love the skirt - and the whole outfit. You sewed it up fast!! And I have major shoe love for those shoes.

Scruffybadger said...

Ab-sol-ute-ly wonderful. I love it all .... fab skirt, excellent gingham blouse choice, & well total adoration for the cardi.

Sigrid said...

The whole outfit is fantastic (including the glasses). I'm so glad you got the topstitching to work.

Roobeedoo said...

Thank you everyone! I ought to have said that the gingham blouse is a me-made too, from a 1940's pattern. I blogged it here:

feresaknit said...

I love it and it looks great with Audrey! :D