Thursday, February 17, 2011

If I had no principles...

Aw... thanks to everyone who commiserated with me over yesterday's catalogue of minor disasters! Yes - there was a point (around the end of the farm road, with water dripping down my face) when I wanted to crawl back into bed and give up. But I didn't and I am glad. Hooray!

My eyes have adjusted to my 6-year-old optical prescription, so as long as I avoid mirrors for a week, all will be well! FL said he felt sorry for me until he realised I could see and my problem with the old glasses was vanity. Grrr. But if he was my age, would he want to look like his age? I think not!

Anyway... see those thumbnails? All images from the new Brora catalogue. Hopelessly small pictures, but can I just say: if money was no object and I had no principles, I would dress myself from head to toe in these clothes!

All very "Miss G" from Cracks!

Top left: textured linen dress with a bias cut skirt, pearly button-and-loop fastening v-neck and a tiny cashmere cardi.

Top right: OMG a shetland wool fair-isle cardigan in "nutmeg and sunflower" = gorgeousnessnessness!

Bottom left: printed silk flowy layered dress and a fine-knit cashmere stole (180cm by 70cm!)

Bottom right: silk pin-tucked camisole with matching french knickers and a fan-and-feather striped cashmere cardi. Ooooh!

Out of all these items, the shetland fair-isle cardigan is the one thing I would almost consider paying for. But not £98.
See that little stripe of pattern on the sleeves? Ooh!
It reminded me that I want to knit the Betty Jean McNeil cardigan. Or rather - I want to have it. The actual knitting is another thing altogether.
In oatmeal and tangerine with a pop of turquoise - ooh yeah!

In the world of actual knitting, I should have a sock to show you in the next day or so. It is possibly the loveliest sock I have ever knitted. FL thinks so. I do too.
I cut out my Land Army skirt and have "won" two WW2 "Civil Defence" buttons. I need four more, but I am working on it!

FL's INR has shot up to 2.6, so we should be all systems go for him to start Revlimid next week.
Another milestone.


mooncalf said...

I can't really see the pictures but I'm intrigued. Whenever I was apast the Broro shop it looks a little bit Miss Marple. I'd always assumed it was for the much more mature lady.

I'm dithering about Me Made March. You've got me wondering...

Kestrel said...

I love that fair isle cardi, but not the price! Definitely an example of when knitting your own is cheaper than buying (in materials cost at least!). It might be a labour of love to knit something similar but worthwhile, if you can have more than one project on the go to save your sanity.

Lorna said...

Whatever happened to Principles? Sorry I digress.

On a personal level, I dread the idea of Mike starting on Revlimid. I keep hoping that by his next appointment they've changed their minds. lol

daisydonut said...

I've had my Brora catalogue too, and it is full of beautiful things. I must admit that I do occasionally indulge in a little cashmere in the sale - it really is soft and lush and comes beautifully packaged.

If you sign up for email from Brora they have an online competition running until the weekend - you could win your favourite piece from the current catalogue. Trouble is trying to decide which is my favourite piece!

Sandy said...

Well, the sweater is quite lovely, but the sleeves look a bit long, perhaps it is the line that is deceiving... with all your knitting capabilities, I am certain you could do one with your own colors and design that would put that one to shame!

christinelaennec said...

I think you should do some research to find out if there's some kind of Brora factory outlet within driving distance! (Isn't Brora north of Inverness?) But the fair isle cardigan is probably best knitted by yourself. I've made one out of Jamieson & Smith 2-ply and the cost of the yarn was something like £25 I think.