Friday, February 04, 2011

Inspirations: Ballet Lace Shruggery

Image credit: Still from Black Swan

I wish I had an "inspiration wall" to pin up all the images which are currently inspiring me! (Please don't tell me there is a web-based version: I know, but it is one step too technologically far for me - I like my pins sharp and pointy.)

First there was Black Swan with the deployment of tiny fluffy shrugs to cover a dancer's shoulders - cute!

Then there was a Guardian piece about 1920's fashion in Boardwalk Empire. I won't see the show as we only have Freeview tv, but from what I can gather there is lots of blush-pink, lace and nudity for the women (though the Guardian reviewer only liked the menswear, its "get the look" spread was aimed at women!). So the idea of ballet-pink lace was stuck in my head.

Then the ASOS magazine arrived (why?) and I spotted a girl wearing a jumper with a huge doily sewn onto the front, by J W Anderson. But when I googled it, I realised he is best-known for menswear: t-shirts with layered up sequins and doilies. (They will go down a storm in Inverurie.) Perhaps the designer had hoped that ASOS would stock that jumper in the mens' department!

Image credit: J W Anderson at London Fashion Week

The point of all this (!) is that it got me thinking about a skein of Hipknits mohair laceweight that is languishing in the stash. It is a kind of peachy apricot shade, verging on what I would call "knicker-pink". Absolutely NOT my kind of colour in the normal course of events.
Image credit: Knitscene Spring 2011
But how about as a kind of negligible negligee shrug-gy giant doily affair? To drape across my shoulders while wearing a silk voile slip on a warm summer Sunday morning, sipping coffee and nibbling a slice of perfect medium-rye toast and marmalade? After doing my ballet workout, you understand. I can imagine that! (Well - the warm bit is hard, but I can vaguely remember what it feels like.)

I thought of doily-ing around with crochet, to see what I could come up with, but I honestly don't trust myself to get it right. I am a real "fudger" when it comes to crochet!
So I had a look at my queue on Ravelry and spotted a shrug from that Japanese pattern book I bought a while back, with loads of good intentions. Ooh! But do I have enough yarn? Who knows! The pattern is just beyond decipherable - I need to dig out my "How to knit with Japanese patterns" booklet.

There is a lovely one in the latest Knitscene too - but in thicker yarn.

And then I spotted that Karie had queued a pattern called Veronique from "French Girl Knits" (stalker? moi?!) which used the right sort of yardage of laceweight - ah ha!
Image credit: Veronique from French Girl Knits

So the plan this weekend is to combine all these influences and see if I can come up with the beginnings of a garment.
And get on with sewing a couple of sheer slips too!
But whether or not I do any ballet remains to be seen...


Teaandcakes said...

Ohh, lovely.

Might I also suggest A Summer Affair?

Karie B. said...

I am dreaming of summer too. A delicate little shrug over a pretty dress. Sigh. Did you get any snow yesterday?

Roobeedoo said...

Oh wow! A Summer Affair could be The One! Thank you for that recommendation!

And no, Karie - no snow here, just rain and lots of wind. But we can see snow lying on the hills just a few miles away!

christinelaennec said...

That sounds delicious. Perhaps while you're busy with the lining paper ;-) you could get some cork tiles for a wall and realise your dream of an inspiration board?

Re. ballet itself: I think it would completely spoil a delicate shrug if you were to get in the least bit sweaty by exerting yourself, other than to knit something else.

And I like the doily-clad man. As you say, it'll be the next thing to hit rural Scotland no doubt! What every farmer will have on under his boiler suit next summer.

faeriecollege said...

I've thought about knitting myself something for ballet, but never actually done it. It's a deceptively sweaty enterprise, ballet is. But oh, wouldn't it be lovely to prance about in a sweet pink lacy layette.

Roobeedoo said...

Of course you are right - ballet is a sweaty business when done correctly. However, I reserve the right to float about on my toes in wafty slip and the shrug I am about to knit and call it "ballet". Indulge my fantasy!