Saturday, February 26, 2011


All over the blogosphere I can see stitchers getting excited about Me Made March.

I really enjoyed participating in Self Stitched September, but the thought of doing it again in March fills me with dread.

The thing about March is that it is still basically winter here. You can call it "spring" as much as you like, but I won't believe you. I still need to wear layers and layers of thermal vestage and wool over and under my me-mades.

If I took part in MMM, I would have to fake it for the photos, and what's the point of that?

Eva Dress 1940's pattern for trousers or dungarees: for budding land-girls!

So I have decided to use the month for "Me-Making" instead of "Me-Made".

It will be a month of sewing and knitting, but also for a bit of a makeover. I am going to up the ante with my hair and make up and general "image".

Try things out.
It should be fun!

I just checked my diary and March includes: one theatre trip, one training event (with me in front of the "class"!), two project board meetings and an internal audit. OMG - really?!

So, um, yes, it should be "fun"!

I will certainly wear "me-mades" most days, as is my habit now, but I need to keep the flexibility of adding a smart jacket or a warm RTW cardigan, so I'm not signing the pledge!

March Sewing plans:

First up: this little 1940's blouse (top right) in sprigged cotton, to wear with my Land Army skirt and a fair-isle cardigan. Ahem*.

I also want to make a pair of wide-legged trousers.

I will use the Eva Dress 1940's pattern in swishy navy cotton with anchor buttons.

If all goes to plan, I will make a second pair of trousers and maybe another blouse, but I want to keep my goals realistic!

March Knitting plans:

*A cardigan.
Maybe Shalder in the wool I bought on the West Coast...?
Or Betty Jean McNeil (no yarn in stash) ... ? This would be my "fairisle" cardigan. Real fairisle terrifies me.
I am thinking of a brownish neutral oatmeal with a shot of tangerine for the argylliness. I would use Albayarn.

Photo credit: Family Trunk Project
Or I could dig out a vintage pattern from an old Stitchcraft magazine using sloe (dusty purple) Sublime ultra-fine merino from the stash...? This would be the sensible and yet creative option!
I might not knit a pair of socks in March, but devote myself to the cardigan, to see if I can complete it in a month.
That sounds like a plan! Watch this space! ;)


Scruffybadger said...

Not participating sounds far too well thought out to me! I admit, as the month approaches I am experiencing qualms about lack of warm me mades, especially in the trouser, jacket, woolies department. I am very excited about what you plan to make though!!

christinelaennec said...

I'm glad you're not putting yourself under pressure to be creative! I love the Betty Jean McNeil cardigan. Just enough fair isle to give it oomph but not enough to do your head in.

Paula said...

Love your list. I'm working on a couple of "thangles" quilts. Beginner quilts wher you purchase the strips to make a block from the store each month to make a block for $1.00. The thangles are overpriced strips of paper with diag lines to stitch & cut on. It's *supposed* to help you with the quarter inch seam! Some of mine are still a bit fluffy.

I got so far as to purchase the shalder pattern. Halfway thru (almost) Audrey in Unst. Can't wait to finish a sweater but have gotten distracted with a scarf and hat for the little brother (that'll be 49 this May!) Yikes I'm old!

Suzy said...

Similar reasons not to participate here. Look forward to see your creations though.

Cathy said...

Can't wait to see your makes( as ever), March is madly busy for me- mainly due to all the holidays in April- got to get schooly things done in March. I have a reading programme course- then the 3xa week committment to help a child ! as well as 2 class reading help afternoons, a Maths policy etc meeting, governor things and sewing club!

feresaknit said...

Terrified by fairisle - I was dragged B to a craft demonstration near Aviemore of amongst other things a very elderly lady doing fairisle on a circular needle at a fantastic pace.

During the course of the conservations she told me that another 'knitter' had entered something in her local craft show made out of COTTON! (cough) (spit) I think they may have burnt her at the stake! ;D

Roobeedoo said...

Thanks everyone - it's good to know I am supported in my choice to opt out!

mooncalf said...

oh god. March. tomorrow.

I'll be trying again in September I think.

In September it should be light enough for some natural-light picture taking.

And maybe I'll have even sewn myself a few things to wear by then!