Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More (orange!) inspirations

Image credit: Wearing History blog

I am itching to get on and sew an actual garment, instead of cute little ditsy homewares.
The first idea buzzing around my head looks like this: wide-legged trousers with a neat shirt. Headscarf bandana thingy optional!

So many sewists have made those Smooth Sailing trousers now... but I have my Eva Dress trousers to try out before I go and buy yet another pattern! I have some gorgeous slinky navy fabric and anchor buttons in the stash for these.

Oh look - two-coloured brogues!
As for the shirt... hmmm. I have my bow-tied-neck blouses, my back-buttoned tops and my baggy Rockabilly blouse, but I have yet to find a simple "go to" shirt pattern for everyday, non-fussy wear.
I found this fab 1940's pattern on Etsy and was waiting to hear if the seller would consider shipping to the UK, when I discovered that Susannah was selling the same one, in my size - amazing!
So that was destiny, wasn't it?
I rather fancy that little over-top too - see the shape of the neck?
Or is it just the fact that it is orange?!
I think I have a problem.

The other garment which is whirling around my head is a 1970's skirt from my eebaay pattern deluge.

I really want to make the multi-buttoned / pleated version (top right).

My imagination is shouting at me to buy some satsuma-coloured babycord from Ditto, and finish it with black buttons. (Orange again?!)
My brain is telling me to use that weathered brown herringbone canvas that's in the stash, trimmed with metal buttons... maybe source some WW2 land army buttons?
Though sometimes, I admit, I do take things too far...

And then the Toast catalogue arrived and filled my head with a very particular shade of blue/green and the idea of multiple strings of beads in tangerine or navy or even ivory and ochre.

It's not the clothes themselves that I covet, it's the colour pallette. And apart from navy, I have none of them in my stash.

Maybe the beads are the way forward.

The orange ones!

Images: Toast

Anyway... Me Made March anyone?
Do I need the pressure?
Pass the Cointreau.


Scruffybadger said...

OOOh double yes - firstly for the orange & navy combo (love those 2 colours together) & even more yes for Me Made March - you have been making more since September & it was such fun! Go on!!

(As for the skirt, I think you have prejudiced me by the first photo - I can see the land army version but dosn't mean to say you can't make orange babycord as version #2?)

daisydonut said...

I love the sailing trousers and your blouse pattern. And those multiple string beads are to die for (not that I'm a wearer of tangerine at all). Your skirt pattern will look beautiful made up in satsuma babycord with black buttons.

Did you manage to get your flat tyre sorted out and the black bags delivered to their destinations?

Who knew petrospheres could be so useful?

christinelaennec said...

I've tried, and failed, to find the post you wrote about your autumn palette. I remembered that it included teal blue and ? orange? gold? (Or did I imagine the whole thing?) What I was wondering was whether these colours haven't been in your consciousness for a while now. It's interesting to notice which colours we need at various times, and then let go of.

Roobeedoo said...

Daisy - flat tyre re-inflated. It will last another week or two . My MoT is due anyway.

Chrsitine - I found that post - it was plum, teal, and a dash of copper. So yes - the same but different! Maybe this is the spring version.