Sunday, February 13, 2011

Practical Archaeology and a couple of FO's

My weekend is going to plan - amazing!

I loaded my car with bags for the dump and the charity shop - then realised I had a flat tyre so came back indoors and put on the kettle. Shrug.

All the more time to get on with things around the house.

I laid out my slip fabric but it kept slipping, so I cast around for something to weigh the pattern down.. and my eye fell upon FL's hen-feed-scoop full of prehistoric artefacts. Heh heh heh - the perfect use for my darling's ancient petrospheres!

So the first slip has been cut out and is hanging to "drop" the bias. I wasn't sure what size to make so only cut one, for a trial run, in a size 4 (US).

I remembered I had a free (via The Times)audiobook of Brighton Rock to listen to, so switched that on while I pottered about. It took me a while to learn to listen properly, but I was soon engrossed.

Next up: a couple of zippy project bags to hold my sock / shrug knitting-in-progress.

I have made these before but my brain was not fully-engaged, so I made two long and thin pencil-case shaped pouches instead of the shorter fatter versions I planned.

However, my knitting still fits inside and I can slip in an A4 pattern without "quartering" it - double prizes!

The fabric is a set of fat quarters from Fabric Rehab.

I was going to call it a weekend at that point and settle down to knit, but then I remembered the tea-towel trimming plan - why not?

So I used the same fabric, pieced it together in strips, then cut across the strips to make "patchwork", which I then sewed onto three new tea towels, which I had pre-washed.
I used a zig zag to topstitch the edges for added zing.
What a difference! I bought a load of these "professional" tea-towels from eeebaaay a while ago and they were just so ugly. The fabric is like those industrial roller-towels you find in public conveniences, so they are very absorbent and wash well... but ugly!
I was ironing them when FL came into the kitchen. He wore a puzzled expression.
"Where did those come from? They look just like that material that was on the table... you made them?!"
Um... yes! ;)


Scruffybadger said...

A wonderful productive weekend - sounds very good for the soul! The FQ makes are so very cute - nice matching fabrics. Enjoy the rest of it :-)

lovethebeach said...

Roo - you are an amazing woman! Wish I had your drive and ability to get things done. I found your blog through Phil and Cassie's "MM for dummies" and have been a faithful reader for a while. Thanks for sharing ....

tea and cake said...

Wow, they are all lovely! All I've done this weekend is to wind on last January's sock club yarn, and, well, knit!

didyoumakethat said...

Love the tea towels - inspired patchwork. Am almost tempted to have a go myself!

mooncalf said...

Lovely - you're reminded me I should make a sock project bag for my travelling socks.

The only down-side I've found to the patchworked teatowels is that you get so fond of them that you want them to look all nice and not all crumpled and you start to think about ironing them. Ironing teatowels. That way madness lies!

Cecelia said...

Very cool stones (and crafts!). Where did the stones come from?

faeriecollege said...

Those two bags are so, so cute. They're fashion cases, those two are, tall and lanky. Excellent clothes hangers (well, storage facilities) for your knitting ;)

christinelaennec said...

You have just lived my ideal, colour-coordinated, crafty weekend! And who would have thought of such a clever use for petrospheres? (I take it FL doesn't subscribe to the theory in the Wikipedia article that they are proof of extraterrestrial visitors?)

Roobeedoo said...

Cecilia and Christine: the stone balls are from our farm. FL dug them up while ploughing many years ago. He also found a pile of hand axes and flints, which had been gathered by a German prisoner of war when he was drafted in to work the fields during WW2. It is a growing collection - he keeps his eyes to the ground when walking the dog!
As for aliens, FL says it is more likely that there are other life forms out there than a God. Make of that what you will!