Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The World versus Roo: World 1, Roo 0

Photo: These might be my new glasses

This morning... I overslept.
So a mad rush to get ready for work.
Snapped the leg of my glasses clean off.
Tried to glue it, but no luck.

Found 6-year old glasses and put them on.
I look like my granny, but not in a good way.
I think. Maybe. It's all a bit blurry, to be honest.

Got into car, and was halfway up the hill when the sun-roof seal apparently gave way and I got drenched in accumulated rainwater.

Stopped at end of road to dry off and consider my options.

Drove to opticians.
Sat in car park waiting for the shop to open.

Rang work to explain I had a broken leg and couldn't see properly.
Or words to that effect.

Handed glasses to optician.
"How old are these? 2007? Oh no - they're too old we can't fix them."
Too old at 4????

Saw myself in mirror wearing granny glasses.
Chose new glasses.
They're OK.
They might even be quite nice.
At least they are heading in the right direction and don't make me look 92.

I just have to live with the 6-year olds for a week.
There will be no pictures of me til then.

My car's "toxic fumes" warning light has come on.
Have booked MoT test for 2 weeks' time.
I will try not to breathe til then.

I had to park at the other end of the universe because I didn't get to work til 10am.
It is still raining.

So I am tired-eyed, asphixiated and damp.

It is NOT a good day.


RooKnits said...

Boo to rubbish days. I hope it gets better.

Cathy said...

Oh dear, what a day!
When I have days like those, I like to think I have used up all my bad luck for ages to come- I do hope you have.

Lorna said...

I'd have been tempted to just go home, crawl back into bed and have a good cry.

christinelaennec said...

Poor, poor you! Things will surely only get better. Congrats for not going home and giving up altogether. Hope the granny glasses are okay until your new ones arrive. And to think you had a vote and everything - then had to pick a pair out in extremis!

tea and cake said...

I hope you got home again, okay?Let's hope tomorrow is better for you x

faeriecollege said...

I'm sending you internet tea and scones. Big hugs for you!

Lizzi said...

Sorry you are having a bad day - but you made me smile with your 'off to the opticians with a broken leg'. Keep smiling.

daisydonut said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad day yesterday (I would have given up and gone home to cry), but I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that you have a really good day today. :-)