Thursday, March 31, 2011

Betty Jean in Full Colour!

Look what I've got!

It's an argyll corset!

The good thing about spending a day on the sofa under a blanket is that I had time to knit. I had made three false starts on the colourwork, so I was very relieved that it all went smoothly this time. The striped section is where the steek will go - scary!

The inside.

I read up on two-colour knitting before I got to this section, so took care to do it properly.

Until now, I have been a "weaver". But for this project I followed the advice in Ann Fietelson's book (thank you Christine!) and held the brown to the right and the orange to the left and seem to have successfully "stranded" - woo hoo! A new skill!

I don't think I will be adding a blue duplicate stitch after all.

I am so proud of my even two-coloured argyll!

So - that's what a month of cardigan monogamy looks like.

I was just on the point of blogging about my relief that I could drop this evil project and knit socks again... but now that I have cracked the whole two-colour thing, I am keen just to keep going and make myself a cardigan.

Although... Betty Jean has outgrown her project bag, so I might need a sock to carry around with me for those odd moments : )


Aberdonian said...

It is very even and you definitely can be very proud of yourself!

Kate said...

Cor. The pumpkin looks great against the trout (How I love that albayarn)

Suzy said...

Oh, it's looking gorgeous! Love the colors!

Kestrel said...

The colourwork looks brilliant and the colours are beautiful together. Worth all the slog!

Where the nodding violets grow said...

Wow excellent colourwork. The colours look really great.

RooKnits said...

Fabulous. I am admiring your staying power

tim's wife said...

And a luverly corset it is. I don't know how you did that with the "spins." I'm dizzy just looking at the pix of all that detail. What determination you have!!!

faeriecollege said...

Goodness it's beautiful!

And steeking isn't scary. Yarn doesn't actually want to unravel sideways. Too much bother. If you're really frightened, you can always stick it under the sewing machine and stitch a line on either side of the cutting line. But I bet you already knew that!

Anonymous said...

The colors are great and the form or shape or whatever you might call it is very appealing. I wonder though wouldn't it itch like mad? You must wear a t shirt of some sort beneath the corset, I hope?

Roobeedoo said...

When I said "corset" I was talking about the shape - it is going to be a cardigan, to wear over other items. No, I definitely don't want itchy woolly undies!
Thanks for all the steeking support, knitters! :)

christinelaennec said...

That is absolutely gorgeous - and I bet it's even gorgeous-er in real life. Well done you! I hope you're feeling a lot better.