Saturday, March 05, 2011

FO: Flaming February socks

Finished on the 32nd of February! ; )

I really enjoyed knitting these socks. The colour was so cheerful, the pattern so interesting, and the texture of the yarn so much to my taste.
Pattern: Flaming Desire by Anne Hanson (Knitspot)

Yarn: HazelKnits Artisan sock, available here in the UK (though mine was direct from the US a year or so ago).

Colour: Hi Octang

Needles: 2.25mm dpns


Lovely! A great project for a dark and difficult month. The sock is slightly longer than the usual "crew sock" due to the long pattern repeat, but I still had plenty of yarn.

The pattern leaves nothing to chance: both charts and long-hand instructions are provided, with plenty of back-up numbers to check you are on the right track.
Anne Hanson's patterns are not cheap, but I definitely feel you get your money's worth.

She has a pattern for a cardigan which used the same "flames"stitch pattern: Leaving , which is a Twist Collective design. I am definitely keeping that in mind for a future project. Next winter perhaps? I would like to try one of her full-sized garment patterns, but they tend to be geared towards the dare I say slightly older woman? This one has a lower neckline and can be knit either as a pullover or a cardigan.

I need to get cracking on my March cardigan now. My needles have arrived so I have no excuse... other than the fear of steeking!


Scruffybadger said...

They are the most awesome socks I have ever seen - honestly! I adore the colour - SO juicy! & there's something really calming & "pleasing" about the pattern - is it the symmetry? Is it the way it climbs up the sock? Dunno! But I likes it lots.

CCK said...

Thanks for linking the Leaving pattern. Love your this time of year is a must!
Cheers, from a slightly older woman ;>)

Clare said...

Gorgeous! I love the colour and flame pattern. 'Leaving' is quite a striking design and even though it's pictured on an older model, I'd wear that style.

RooKnits said...

What fabulously bright winter banishing socks. I too, love the "Leaving" pattern

christinelaennec said...

Stunning socks! I bet they are doubly warm, being orange and so beautiful. I really like Leaving, but perhaps that's because I'm a slightly older woman? :-)
Thanks for the laugh about the 32nd of February!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous socks! I intend to make Leaving at some point; I was very impressed with the stitch pattern on the back of the garment and (being a slightly older person) I think it would suit me.

Have no fears of making and cutting a steek. It's not nearly as scary as people make out. Come back here for advice if the pattern is not clear!

MelindaJ (Ravelry)

Minnado said...

Love the socks, they are a lovely shade of orange. I think the Leaving cardigan would look good on a younger woman, I would wear it (but hat isn't saying much!) Blown away by your bargain dress in the last post.

Suzy said...

Those are great socks, love the colour! I'm still in the learning stage of knitting currently attempting a easy scarf only with knit stitch. It's a slow process :(

Roobeedoo said...

Heh! My "slightly older" comment was picked up on be several people. The "model" in the picture of Leaving is the designer Anne Hanson herself. i am not sure she would appreciate being called "slightly older" unless I qualified that with the words "than me" and it probably IS only "slightly" too!

Thanks for the sock love and offers of help with steeking - I am still a long way off that!

feresaknit said...

Those socks are simply exquisite! :D

I've steeked - it seems so wrong bringing scissors into contact with knitting in that way! You feel like you need a drink but of course that's the last thing a steady hand needs!

mooncalf said...

Lovely. I've really enjoyed you knitting these socks too. That little glimpse of bright oranginess has brought a bit of sunshine to my monitor and left a little bit of orange-love in my heart.