Sunday, March 27, 2011

FO: Polka Pendrell Blouse

I have been seeing so many Pendrell tops across the blogosphere recently, that it was inevitable that I would crack sooner rather than later. But I am slightly bemused to find that mine seems to fit entirely differently to every other one I have seen.

Karen is the current Pendrell Queen, having rustled up not one, not two, but three of these tops recently. And hers all have tiny little ruffley sleeves.

I have swooping great (bingo?) wings. I cannot explain this. And while FL says he thinks my version suits me "exceptionally well", I feel like it might be a top for an older lady. I feel a bit middle-aged in it. SOB!

Ooh look at that stroppy pose! Don't call me middle-aged just because I am 46!


The Pendrell blouse from Sewaholic. I made US size 4.

1.5 metres of cotton jersey with (tippexed-on?) spots from Croft Mill.

Lots of thread.

Nothing else. So economical on the notions front!

How was the sewing experience?

Well, I "took against" this fabric almost on sight. Those flipping dots are like sticky white vinyl and you can hardly get a pin to pierce them. Once you do, they shed white dust onto the plain bits of the fabric. Grrr.

Which is a shame because the base jersey is beautifully drapey and soft. It went out of alignment on the washing line so I had to cut each piece on a single thickness of fabric, as it was warping all over the place. I used my Bernina's overlocking stitch for the long seams and hem, and a plain stitch for the neck and sleeve bindings.

Did I like the pattern ?

Yes, I really did. This blouse is constructed rather cleverly to enclose the long princess seams and shoulders under the sleeves, so if you mess up your multi-layered seams, they are hidden from view - woo hoo!

The sleeves are double-thickness, which makes for a lot of layers on those pleats. Choose your fabric with care!

The only thing I did that wasn't written-in, was to extend the neck binding to make that bow-tie. I would love to take credit for this, but it wasn't my idea! I copied Jane, who copied Andrea!


Not sure... My daughter says it looks like hospital scrubs-colour and is too old-looking for me. FL loves it. Hmmm...


didyoumakethat said...

Perhaps jersey is not quite the right fabric for this top? All of mine have been made with cotton variations and a lot of people seem to use satin type fabric. I also used the different sleeve variation. I think the polka dot looks nice, even if a mare to work with. If it makes you feel any better, I've spent two hours hand stitching a bodice lining and it's all going to have to be ripped out!

Lizzi said...

I think it's the fabric too. It doesn't seem to have enough structure for this style. i like the neck and the wee bow-tie and it's a nice shape on you.

You have expectations based on the other blouses that you saw but if you had just made it straight off you would like it more.

Don't look at it for a week then go back to it and you will love it.

daiyami said...

I see at Karen's that you figured out the View A/View B bit... :-)

I made that view in a very drapey rayon jersey and am pretty happy with it--the sleeves do look big on me but that's true of Tasia's as well (and it's designed to be big to balance wide hips). Tasia said drapey fabrics.

The bow might be fighting with the sleeves in this view, though (or it could just be the pic). Perhaps make it a wee ribbon bow right on the neckline, not hanging? But I don't think the top looks old, and it looks very nice on you.

Scruffybadger said...

No I don't think the top looks old either & like the colour & polka dots (even if sewing them was not fun!) I like it, & don't see "Bingo wings"! However as an alternative that might help you see it differently - what about wearing it tucked in with a belt?

feresaknit said...

I actually like the polka dots, having dreamed of a navy/white polka dot dress last week may be the reason. I can however see what you mean about the sleeves, resulting presumably from the soft material using view a rather than the base of view b - just to show I was paying attention! I can understand that when you want sticky out sleeves and they droop it can be disappointing. ;D

bagqueen said...

I like it, I think the soft drapeiness of the jersey works. the sleeves don't look like bingo wings at all, I prefer them to a cap sleeve, which I always feel a bit wide in?!?

I vote success!

Roobeedoo said...

Thank you ladies!
I realised that I had assumed View A was the same as B but without the second frill = wrong!
I don't like the way I look in this top. It is better on someone curvier I think. And that's fine. Now I know. I will either wear this for gardening or take it to the charity shop.
And make my next top out of a pattern I know I like: Sencha perhaps?

faeriecollege said...

I think you look nice! Not very formal, ok, but it'd be lovely as a casual summer top! In fact, I'd kill for something like that to wear this summer!