Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Inspiration

Drop everything!
Have you ever seen anything like this before?

Photo used with permission of Jen Thompson, the amazing stitchy lady who made this skirt.
The potential!

Remember that Clothkits Rob Ryan print skirt kit that SallyJoy sent me?
I have this crazy idea to try to reverse applique the whole thing into a "papercut" skirt. It is cotton, not ultrasuede, so there is immense potential for fraying and disaster... but wouldn't it be fab if I could pull it off??

Jen's work is absolutely extraordinary.

I just know that I would cut through one of those bars in the grid if I was to try this level of detail!

It looks as if it was done with a laser!

I do not for one minute expect to achieve this quality of finish, but Jen was quite taken with my idea, and the whole deconstructed vibe of raw edges.
I would have to line it of course... OMG my head is spinning! I need a strong cup of tea!


daisydonut said...

I saw this earlier today and thought WOW = it is spectacular. Jen is a very patient and talented lady to do all that cutwork - she's wearing a wonderful double string bead belt with it and I wondered if she made that as well? I might be able manage a bead belt! lol

I think your reverse applique idea is a good one - and frayed edges could look good. Go for it.

feresaknit said...

The whole thing! I need a lie down in a dark room. ;D

xtiand said...

Could you paint around the bits you want to cut with Fray-Check or maybe iron Vilene or similar interfacing stuff onto the back to at least slow the fraying? It will look fabulous cut out, can't wait to see it!

jessica said...

The crazy ideas are always the best ones!!! However, I agree that the potential for disappointment due to fraying could be great indeed, there's so much detail in this skirt. Hm. I don't suppose you'd want TWO of the skirt? I know the details are the point, but I almost wonder if you want all those leaves/vines or if it is the bell and bird and border print you are most taken with?

Roobeedoo said...

Jessica - I think you could have a point here - maybe I should just cut into the border and then if it all goes wrong I will still have a mini skirt!

Jen Thompson said...

You can do it!! :)