Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Me-Making-March: a summary

My interpretation of Me-Making-March was about a reassessment of ME. So, instead of drifting along in a cloud of fug, I have been using the month for planning and sorting and setting goals.

Gathering resources.

I bought >a sheep-load of Alba Yarn from The Wool Shed just in case

>several metres of fabric from Croft Mill just because

>a few more buttons than I strictly required

>a packet of hair-dye (new "ultra violet" side section being politely ignored by work colleagues)

>an embroidery book

>two novels: Summer of Men by Siri Hustvedt (part-way through, non-commital) and The CookBook Collector by Allegra Goodman (not started) >nu shooz worn twice so far

..and a Will.

Yup, I finally got organised and went to the solicitor to draw up my Last Will and Testament. Have you done this yet? You really should, especially if you have kids and a second marriage to throw into the mix. But be warned - it is quite stressful thinking through the "what ifs".

I have made

>my South Riding Blouse, which I really like and have worn to work with Audrey and Bella. >a polka-dot Pendrell top, which I do NOT like, because I mistakenly thought View A had the same basic sleeve as View B. Err... no. I made the flapping-wing version. >and I knitted less than half a cardigan.

Lucky I'm not on piecework!

But I have taken this month to enjoy process a lot more than before. Because there is no race

Well fancy that - who knew?

In terms of craft-planning, my new fabric, buttons and wool are inevitably at the forefront of my mind.

Trousers are next.

I have been sorting out The downstairs "study" so that my mother can come for a few days at Easter.

It isn't a show-room, but it is now clean and tidy.

I am going to sneak a couple of pictures onto the wall when FL isn't looking. (He doesn't like "framed art" on house walls, "because that's what windows are for". )

For the new "guest room" I framed up some of my photos of Beauly, and some old seed packet labels from here.

And I have attacked the herb garden.

I forced myself to get into the habit of doing an hour's weeding / pruning when I get home from work. This has coincided with the last gasp of daylight and some good weather, so a start has been made. I just have to keep it up.

And I have been taking a little more exercise. The weeding. Dog-walking. An occasional bounce on the trampoline. Just getting out in the fresh air and moving around.

We have been having better meals. The slow cooker has been a godsend. And during the week I have tried not to resort to using the same old recipes. More salads, less meat - hooray!

And thinking ahead ...

Oh dear. I am not very good at this one.

Hence the flurry of activity you have just read about.

FL is really not well.

Yes, he has been at golf, up til now, but he comes home totally exhausted. He falls asleep at the table. Everything hurts.

And he admits it. That's the scary thing. He doesn't feel well and he is telling me, instead of pretending he will live forever.

So I am setting myself little exercises in planning for a future without him.

Even silly stuff like getting my pictures onto the walls is a step towards accepting the inevitable. ETA: Wrote this last night with added html to get para breaks. Hope it works. I am off sick today. When I move my head the world spins - fabulous! Don't tell me I have been overdoing it - you are not my mother! ; )


didyoumakethat said...

I'm not going to tell you you've been overdoing it, but like all mothers I am going to insist on giving you a HUG whether you like it or not, even it it's only a virtual one.

mooncalf said...

Planning *is* progress. And it sounds like you're needing a few treats at the moment.

Maybe a little time off with some crafts, food, company and relaxing will be good too.. Get well soon!

wildmag said...

I am in awe of your capabilities and your attitude. And I'm so sorry you're both going through this.

tim's wife said...

Oh I have had me some vertigo issues in the past. I swear by Meclazine(sold here in the states as Bonine). I am SO sensitive to meds and this one gives me no troubles. Feel better soon!

Cecelia said...

Planning for the future is daunting. Good on you for attacking it. You've given me food for thought, as I know this is something I should be doing. But denial is easier.

Where the nodding violets grow said...

I am still umming and ahhing about the albayarn. Should I stock up or wait a little longer? I don't normally need an excuse to buy more yarn.

I hope you feel better soon.

Lizzi said...

I'm with you on the will. We did it and sorted out power of attorney stuff which is equally important - it is such weight of our minds knowing that we can tick that box.

I was in Beauly a few months ago - I love it - did a bit of walking.

I am sorry FL is not well - it must be a constant source of worry to you - I can't imagine the thoughts that will be in your head - no wonder it is spinning. Have a wee rest and some time out - I wouldn't dream of telling you that you are overdoing it - your ma will do that when she arrives!!

Get better soon.

christinelaennec said...

Like wildmag, I am awestruck by your attitude. I hope you are feeling much better soon. I prescribe plenty of liquids, rest and knitting xx

daisydonut said...

I'm going to give you a great big virtual hug too, and I'm sending you lots of get well wishes.

feresaknit said...

Overdoing it no - I am however off for a kip after reading the above.

I saw a solicitor about a will in 2007 as we were going to Oz and in case the plane crashed I wanted it sorted. However B didn't want to get involved and the solicitor politely pointed out that if I was the surviving party I seemed to be leaving everything to my side of the family and spouses wills were normally very similar. Needless to say it never got finished. :D

Sandy said...

Tough steps to take and I am sorry to hear that things with FL's health are taking this downward turn. Of course this weighs heavily on you and leaves your vulnerable to something that sounds like an ear infection... speaking as a "mom," but not giving you advice... I send you intentions instead that you are finding a solution for that vertigo and are back up and about right away. And a couple of virtual <<>> as well.

Roobeedoo said...

Up and about today - hooray!
FL took his dexies yesterday so he is full of beans. Luckily it is raining so he won't be on the roof.
Maybe this was just a blip and not the slippery slope. Who knows with this disease?! One day at a time. With added chocolate.
Thank you for your commments, as always! :)

Cassie said...

"One day at a time. With added chocolate."


Sending hugs and warm thoughts to you both.

tea and cake said...

This is a Wow of a post. It's surprising how getting organised is so empowering, and gives you some peace.

I'm glad you are both feeling better xx