Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My March Knitting Project

So... Me-Making-March, here we go!

Can I knit a cardigan in a month? I am certainly going to try!

I decided upon Betty Jean McNeil by Emily Johnson of the Family Trunk Project.

The yarn is the same as I used for Audrey-in-Unst, Albayarn shetland fingering, from my local yarn store, The Wool Shed in Oyne.

I drove there on Sunday and sat outside waiting for the shop to open!

The shop assistant was rather startled by my single-minded determination as I homed in on the display of Albayarn, striding past all the tempting Noro and Rowan and Colinette - oh my!

I almost opted for the wrong main shade, as I picked out the colours in the dimly-lit corner.

Luckily, the assistant suggested I hold them together in the sunshine, to make sure, and just as well that I did, because what I thought was a dark brown turned out to be a heathery purple!

It is a difficult colour to capture - but this is "Trout", a brown with flashes of teal and orange and purple.

I am using "Pumpkin" and "Lochan" for the colourwork.
Although the pattern is written for just two colours, I wanted to add another. I almost threw in a ball of rich purple too, but realised I was being seduced by the range of colours on offer, rather than sticking to the project in hand.

I promise not to bore you silly with daily updates on progress, but I certainly plan to document this project at regular intervals, if only to keep myself focussed.

ETA: I fell at the first hurdle - I don't have the right needles! Ah well - they are now in the post, and I can finish my February socks!


Cathy said...

Wow- your ability to stick to what is required (rather than desired) is admirable! Love the sound of trout.

Kate said...

LOVE that yarn - is it produced locally by the woolshed? WANT!

Lizzi said...

Did you buy the pattern with cash or a story, Roo?

daisydonut said...

The colours are wonderful, I can't wait to see how it knits up, and your Land Army skirt is beautiful. I thought it went very well with your Audrey in Unst cardi.

Hope all is well with FL and they can make him feel more comfortable.

Kestrel said...

The Pumpkin and Lochan shades are just beautiful! Almost edible :)

christinelaennec said...

Beautiful colours - and I'm sure they're even more stunning in person. I hope today's visit to the hospital went well.

faeriecollege said...

Oooh the colours! I'm so crummy with picking colours, but you've got a real gift for it. Very jealous

Roobeedoo said...

Lizzi - I paid cash for the pattern. It felt really strange to be asked to "trade a family history", far too personal a transaction.

Albayarn is produced by Rennies for The Woolshed. Click on the palette to see the full range of colours - ooooh!