Monday, March 14, 2011

Slow and Steady

Half-way through Me-Making-March and I am deliberately slowing my sewing pace.

I seem to have got into the habit of trying to complete a garment in a weekend. Why? Is it some sort of competitive instinct which drives me to sew quickly, to have something to show my blog-readers?

This weekend, when the sunshine disappeared and snow began to fall, I realised I had no good reason to try to finish this spring blouse in a hurry. That I could slow down and enjoy the process; take my time to line up the three rows of top-stitching on the collar.

I could pause and consider how best to finish the back of the neck. I could just run a piece of ready-made bias tape along that raw edge... or I could take the time to cut my own bias strip out of leftover fabric, and hand-stitch it in place.

I came home from work tonight and spent half an hour sewing the darts at the top of the sleeves. Then I put the sewing machine away and got out my knitting.

My Betty Jean cardigan is also benefitting from this "little and often" approach. I only managed to knit one row in my lunch break today, but still that was one row I would not otherwise have knitted. One row to calm me down after a difficult morning. One row nearer completion.

Meanwhile, my head is buzzing with ideas of what to make next: the high-waisted trousers, the Pendrell blouse, the pencil skirt... but there is no rush!

Sewing and knitting as meditation. It could work!


Lizzi said...

You are right - there is no rush except that I have all this stuff in my stash and all these ideas running around in my head that i intend to do great things with. My Ma used to say 'the road to Hell was paved with good intentions' which is why I feel I have to GET ON. You are right - one row done is one less to do - and taking it easy means that you don't have to undo all the mistakes that get made in the rush.

The blouse is looking good and I am desparate to see what you are going to do with that lovely sock wool - see, there I go again, can't wait!!

christinelaennec said...

So are you saying ("slow and steady wins the race") that there *is no race*?! Hmmm! Glad to hear that Betty Jean is going to work with you, even before being finished.

Lorna said...

All my knitting is start stop. I do find it very theraputic though. It must be all the counting I do, takes my mind off my troubles.

I wish I had the skill to sew so beautifully.

Clare said...

I have the same problem - I just love being able to say 'I made this in a weekend!!' and it just ends in rushing.
Taking your time certainly pays off - your topstitching is beautiful!

didyoumakethat said...

Three rows of top stitching - wowzers. Incredibly neat, though. Yes, there is something very satisfying about taking your time over a project. My V8667 is definitely a slow burner!

daisydonut said...

Your blouse fabric is beautiful and three rows of top stitching on the collar - stellar! Slow and steady and meditative is obviously the way to go.

I'm like Lizzi, I can't wait to see what you are going to do with that wonderful Sock Hop yarn!

Sandy said...

Such lovely work... perhaps the intensity of sewing and knitting is your way of coping with the intensity of FL's condition and who can blame you?

Once upon a time I was a crazy sewer and knitter, whipping up outfits for two daughters and myself. Now I look back on that time and wonder how I managed to do it all! Still, you outdo me by bunches with all your creative skills and I love to see your progress.

Roobeedoo said...

Repeat after me "There is no race, there is no race"...?
I did another hour of sewing last night. At this rate I will ahve a blouse by the weekend!
And if YOU are excited by my new yarn, how do you think I feel? With a cardigan to finish first...