Sunday, March 06, 2011

A Spring-like Weekend

This weekend, the sun was shining and I could almost believe that spring was on its way.

With the washing on the line, the floors mopped, and the slow cooker doing its business, I took the time to look around the garden, cut the dead wood from the herbs and let the dog run free.

FL is "Smoort wi' cal". In English: he is "smothered by a cold", and no, he doesn't have any antibiotics. This is not good. If he is not better tomorrow I must march him to the GP.

But he went to golf and wore himself out. After dinner he went straight to bed with a Lemsip.

Dinner: slow-cooked Caribbean chicken with rice and peas, from The Ultimate Slow Cooker. Fabulous!

I also rustled up a batch of chocolate cherry cupcakey-muffin things, which are vanishing fast.

No sewing whatsoever!

I spent Saturday evening watching World Book Night on BBC2, followed by Brideshead Revisited.

And I cast on for Betty Jean McNeil. Several hours of knitting later and I have a hem. I strongly suspect this cardigan is going to take a lot longer than one month.

I can't resist another close up of a crocus.

Oh look! Our old back door is still propped up against the back of the house - how lovely!

But everything looks better when the skies are blue and the washing is swaying gently rather than blowing off the line.

I could almost imagine planting seeds and growing things again.

The Chiltern Seeds Veg Book is on my knee as I knit. The secret is not to get too ambitious. I am not willing to spend every waking moment digging and weeding. I will plant some Tuscan kale, some purple sprouting broccoli and some broad beans. No more.

FL has given the farm labourer from next door the use of a plot of our land to plant veg for his family, in exchange for a small share of the crops. It's a good deal for both sides.

I am hoping he will also take on some of the hard digging of the herb garden, for payment in actual cash. I can't bear another year of evil looks from the neighbours for letting the area outside their front doors run to weed and seed and I just can't keep up with the pace of growth of the "rat grass" and thistles. I would so much rather be sewing or knitting!

Here's the result of about eight hours of knitting.

That blue line is where the hem turns over.

So in eight hours I have effectively knitted the first inch of my cardigan.

I might have to cast on a sock just to stay sane.

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!


Where the nodding violets grow said...

I have been a total copycat and bought that pattern too. The yarn has arrived but I now have to get some needles. I love the colours you are using. I went for a grey and blue in the Drops Alpaca. I look forward to seeing how it progresses. I, too, am determined to grow some veg this year. I confess to not being terribly productive so far but the year is young!

christinelaennec said...

That hem is beautiful. I love the colours! Your swap with the farm labourer sounds very good. Let's hope he'll be up for earning some extra cash as well. Good wishes to FL for his nasty cal'.

Cathy said...

Good deal with the farm labourer...wish we had some in suburban Liverpool! ha ha
I admire you for taking on a big knitting project!